China Music Valley 2012: Joss Stone, White Lies, Jesus & Mary Chain set for Beijing

Remember China Music Valley folks? They’re the ones that took over a ski resort, brought in Avril LAvigne and Juliette Lewis then failed to sell alcohol! ok, I’ll be nice, especially since they managed to bring in somewhat big name stars and pull off a decent show by all accounts, albeit with fucked up logistics. Well, they’re back for 2012!

If we’re to believe the hype, this year will have them host Joss Stone, The White Lies, Jesus and Mary Chain, Xǔwēi, wāngfēng as well as School of Seven Bells. That’s an interesting setup they’re going for there! I’m seriously impressed by the selection, especially Joss Stone. I simple adore her voice!
We’re looking at this baby between May 18 and 20th so nicely removed from the big 2…. keep your ears open for details.


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1 Response

  1. jtdj says:

    I got word that Friendly Fires are booked for it as well. Pretty amazing.