Core in China Compilation Released… Get a Free Taste for the Heavier Side of Yaogun in the Big Silly

A couple of months ago, the team behind Rock in China wiki and good ‘daze friends set out to collect samplers from all around China to get a feel for what was happening in the ‘core side of things… by ‘core they meant hardcore, nintendocore and all kinds of other terms i’d never heard off. I also discovered in the process that there was something called Folkcore, I kid you not.

well, the baby is out on bandcamp and you can go download it:

lyrics & credits:

Track Listing:

1.Why Lazy – Dying in the dream 04:35
2.NewTank – The Dreamer 04:22
3.Meat Sucks – Buried the Truths 04:54
4.Ordnance – Ask for a justification 03:44
5.Partisan – Selfish 03:18
6.Monkey King – Until You Come 05:31
7.Multi-Ego – End of Me 04:01
8.Mensheng – 故謠 Ballad of Fallen 04:54
9.Die In Velvet – 每天生每天死 03:59
10.Ashtemato – Joker 05:06
11.Saving Molly – To My Friend 02:58
12.Luktomo – We Are Luktomo 06:41
13.Beyond Cure – Self Destruction 04:34
14.DustFall – Dawn Late 06:02
15.Thyhazard – Liar 04:58
16.King Ly Chee – 在路上 feat. Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid) 03:29
17.Shut Up! Shut Down! – Bros Holds On Firm Bloods 03:14
18.Raving Jokes – No Vain 04:07
19.The Falling – Circle II Circle 04:50
20.Mary Dolls – 2012 04:14

I haven’t gotten around to listening to it but i can see some tracks that have peaked my interest. It’s also good to have the reigning kings of Hardcore in the the greater China included in there, namely King Ly Chee. Get downloading..

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Badr,

    please also add this link into your post:

    Unfortunately Bandcamp doesnt leave the option of not adding a monetary value for downloads, so we provide alternative download links. CORE IN CHINA is for free and will be for free.


  2. max – bandcamp allows free downloads very easily!

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