Lao Lang: A Beijinger in Beijing Music Video

I’ve really been in a video mode lately and I’m still amazed that given how cheap technology has gotten as of late, not more artists chose to do them.
I just stumbled across one yesterday called 一个北京人在北京 One Beijinger in Beijing by 老狼 Lao Lang.
The concept is quite nice, with Lao Lang looking at the city from the perspectives of many waidi ren: a bartender from Chongqing, a carpenter originally from Henan, an IT Project Manager from Gansu and more…

I used to brush down Lao Lang as just a campus singer but his Folk revival from a few years ago is actually something worth taking a look it… quite introspective and very soulful for my money! Anyways, check out the video and look at the lyrics below… it’s an oldie but a goodie.


德胜门灰色城楼 大栅栏灰色路口
麦当劳刚刚开门 肯德基还在打盹

北京是个站牌 人们上车就登上舞台
北京多么精彩 南城老头硬没看出来

有一个人刚发财 有两个人在恋爱
有一个人刚失业 有两个人刚失恋

北京是个课堂 中了状元就衣锦还乡
北京是个战场 有人拚的黯然神伤

我衣锦没处还乡 我失恋没处疗伤
过春节你们走了 说家乡话快乐吧

北京我的故乡 风沙红叶是我的成长
北京我的梦乡 在梦里你蔚蓝金黄
北京我的故乡 风沙红叶是我的成长
北京我的梦乡 在梦里你蔚蓝金黄

edit: See Chinasmack’s Excellent translation of the lyrics here:
Listen to more Lao Lang on Xiami:

I have to make an effort and seek out his shows a bit more.. The last big event I was aware he was at was the opening of The One livehouse