Great Show Ahead: Black Snakes Return to 2 Kolegas

we’re still in major hangover from ‘dazeFEAST mode but slowly recovering and becoming functional again. Actually, just in time to realize that tomorrow is Wednesday June 27th which means The Black Snakes, from Norway, will be descending on 2 Kolegas and that promises to be one hell of a show!
I met these folks at 2 Kolegas last year when they played ‘dazeFEAST 2011 and proceeded to rock my socks off along with those of a few hundred feasters.. since then, I’ve fallen in love with their music and their CD has been one of my most played records of 2011. Heck, the show was so good that it made it into my most memorable performances of 2011 where i wrote the following:

The Black Snakes @ ‘dazeFEAST:

Holly mother of god were these cats impressive! I had no idea what to expect when i added them to the bill other than they were friends of Kang Mao. Boy am i glad! Their energy was out of this world, stage antics second to none, sweating it out and getting the audience in a frenzy! That was just beautiful! Thank you again guys!

yes folks, these cats are good and I’m extremely pissed off that no one seems to know this band is playing Beijing tomorrow… this is a promotional clusterfuck the likes of which i’ve seen too many times… let’s make sure they get a proper audience!!

Here is a documentary of their 2011 tour of China to give you guys an idea what to expect… High octane rock n roll that begs for your hips to shake and your fists to pump.

and the video for their new single, Firescene, released a few weeks ago

The Black Snakes at 2 Kolegas
Wednesday June 27th
more information at

Seriously folks, these cats are tight!!

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2 Responses

  1. e-head says:

    EVERYONE should go – they are awesome….

  2. Mitchell says:

    I played with these guys last time they were at 2 Kolegas, all I can say is this is going to be one hell of a show!!!! I’ll see you all there!!!!