Quickslants: Reggae Parties, Old School Rock, Throat Madam and more

recovered yet folks? I think yesterday’s little gig at 2 kolegas was my Hair of the Dog… Full of energy, ready to get back in the ring and dish out/take another swing. So, what’s up over the next few days? A heck of a lot! Of course, Football is still reigning supreme and determining what happens with Beijing Nightlife but Music is holding its ground and there’s some really intriguing stuff taking place. Let’s kick it!

Thursday June 28th

Make up Night @ Mao Live
One of the most interesting events I’ve seen listed at Mao Livehouse in a long time. Gloomy Hymn of Darkness, Tenger Cavalry and other heavy bands come together to celebrate the inner freaks in each of us. I can’t figure out what Mao is doing with it in terms of charges but it looks like there’s some discounts for couples and folks are definitely encouraged to dress up. I’d be very excited to check out Tenger Cavalry that I referred to a few months ago. It’s looking like this previously-one-man-show is now a full fledged band specializing in melodic pagan metal. me likey!!

Friday June 29th

Ningxia Night @ 2 Kolegas
do i really need to write more? Ningxia bands, Ningxia Friends, Ningxia Noodles and a heck of a lot of good times await those that make it to the drive-in. This particular edition features Buyi, Wu & The Side Effects, Whai and Lidong who might be pulling double duty friday night.

Old School Rock @ Mao
Jacky Danny, Devils at the Crossroad, Bad Mamasan, Los Crasher & Demerit will be on hand for one hell of a rocking night. I predict a lot of headbanging, moshing, horns, screaming and sweating in the pit… just the way it should be! Rumor has it Jacky Danny got a few new songs up their sleeve and we know for a fact that Bad Mamasan has a new LP almost ready to pop out.

Saturday June 30th

Sainkho Namtchylak & Friends @ Mako
I’ve been so looking forward to this gig folks. This lady is what Yoko Ono dreamed she could be. Throat singing sensation from Russia with a 7 octave range and just very much amazing on her own. She is joined by Yingema, Li Jinsong and a boatload of folks for what promises to be one of the best gigs of the year in this city. Strongly recommended!

Long Shen Dao @ 2Kolegas
Reggae comes back to 2 Kolegas with Long Shen Dao doing their annual summer party. The dreadlocked bunch is firing on all cylinders right now after touring wordlwide and playing a host of festivals in China. As long as the weather holds up, this will be a blast of a relaxed party with dancing and singing all night long. Good buddies Skarving will be in charge of warming up the crowd with their catchy Skastastic songs.

Lidong @ jianghu
Continuing the celebration of their album release, Lidong is heading to Gulou for an intimate up-close and personal session with the fans that couldn’t make it a few weeks back. Their music really fits well in this venue and i expect it to be a packed house so come in early to get a seat or a standing spot close enough to see and hear the crowds.

Sunday July 1st:

Perpetual Motion Machine @ XP
The sunday afternoon sessions at XP are slowly picking up some steam with interesting lineups and a good time slot in the middle of the afternoon that doesn’t get in the way of it being a school night. PMM, fresh off their rocking set at ‘dazeFEASt, will make sure to entertain you.

of course, these are not your only choices with music happening all over town! Belgian prodigy, Mathieu Ha, is playing a few gigs between Thursday and Sunday. L’Enfance Rouge might not have made it to Beijing but their lead singer, Francois Cambuzat, is here and will do his best to replace the band. Also, albeit away from our usual range of interests, don’t forget the big aircraft party.

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  1. zhang Si'an says:

    Brand new you’re retro at Yugong Yishan friday night with Djang San, L’enfant Rouge, Mathieu Ha and Ajinai. Saturday night at Temple: L’enfant rouge + The Amazing Insurance Salesmen.