Low Wormwood Wins Best Chinese Band at Chinese Media Music Awards

it seems like the Lanzhou crew is inheriting the spot that Omnipotent Youth Society had last year as far as being the new media darlings. Not only content to have had a successful China tour and a lot of accolades for their Lanzhou Lanzhou release on Maybe Mars, they’re now starting to collect awards from the mainstream media!!! not bad at all if you ask me!

Ladies and Gentleman, they are the proud winners of Best Chinese Band award for 2012 at the Chinese Media Music Awards for 2012

As much as I love the harder sides of rock, I still think that the only way for artists to generate name recognition is through Folk Music in China. It’s engrained in the culture, it can be accepted as non-aggressive/threatening by the general population despite controversial lyrics…. Here’s hoping that next year, this trend of underground bands winning big continues.

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