Quickslants: Snakes, Mohanik, 3 Weddings, Mamer, Heavy Birthday and Music Galore

Summer is officially music season here y’all.. we’re looking at another busy weekend in old smoggy ( and boy is she smoggy this week) to try and distract us from all our weekly grind. It’s a rich and diverse one with tribute shows, metal galore ( and lulu galore) not to mention a whole bunch of ‘daze favorites stopping by… let’s get to it, shall we?

Thursday July 5th

Lulu Galore & Sweet Leaf @ Temple
Lulu rocked the grass at 2 Kolegas 10 days ago with her suave voice, charming smile and soothing ukulele sounds. I’m assuming she will do more of the same to the Temple goers tonight and have no reason to believe it won’t be fun.

Friday July 6th

Omnipotent Youth Society @ Yugong
I get a feeling I have not been to Yugong Yishan forever and that might be true. Granted, they’ve been putting on a few high profile shows lately and I’m seriously overdue for a return there. Friday would be interesting and packed most likely with Shijiazhuang’s Omnipotent Youth Society doing a rare stop in the capital. Last time these cats played a paying show, there were 200 people stuck outside Mao Livehouse that couldn’t get in. Even with ticket prices at 150 rmb, I expect a full house here.

3 Weddings & 1 Farewell @ 2kolegas
DH & The Hellcats as we know them will be no more. One member is moving overseas while 3 are getting married. They’re marking the occasion with a big bash at the drive-in where they have made their name and their reputation. Even though they’ve been going through the motions lately, they still sound amazing and put on a great show… always recommended to get your sweat on!

Saturday July 7th

Book Swap & Board Games @ Sequoia
Fresh off our 4th year anniversary, we’re back for the July edition of the book swap and board games meeting at Sequoia cafe. with the weather being what it is, it’s really really tough to be comfortable outside so how about coming into a nice air-conditioned environment for some coffee, cake and meeting awesome people?

Beibang Anniversary @ Mao
Whatever beibang is, it’s celebrating 3 years of heavy metal and doing so in style!! Some big big guns are lined-up for this including Suffocated, Twisted machine, Army of Jade Kirin and Ego Fall. Another pricey show at 150 (door) but it should keep things reasonable in terms of attendance.

Rock Nadaam @ Temple
This show is part rock ‘n’ roll show, part cultural exchange. Organized by Shanghai’s DJ BO, it brings Mongolian and Chinese bands together for some interaction and broadened horizons. This time, Mongolian group Mohanik takes the stage at Temple alongside Shanghai’s Banana Monkey and Scary Magic. Donation proceeds fund the tour….. Mohanic actually played pretty much the last ever show at D22 if memory serves me right ( not always the case) and they’re pretty darn good as far as I’ve heard. Good potential

Sunday July 8th

Mamer & IZ @ Yugong Yishan
The master of darkness and his acolytes descend on Yugong Yishan what promises to be another breathtaking perforamce. This will be a big contrast from his/their intimate Friday gig at zajia lab

Black Snakes @ Temple
The Norweigians will be back in Beijing after an 8 city tour of China and they’re looking to rock it all out… Their last show at 2 Kolegas ended up in them playing an encore in their underwear so who know what the hell they might do for this gig. It’s dirty boogie Rock n Roll with un-PC lyrics and a whole lotta fun. Highly recommended!

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5 Responses

  1. Djang San. says:

    I’ll be playing at Tushuguan 98 friday evening on my own. I’ll also be putting my videos on a screen on the wall.

    I’ll record that show as well.

  2. jtdj says:

    OYS is sold OUT already, damnit.

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    @JS I still haven’t made it to Tushuguan 98..

    @JT: I warned about this show like 2 months ago… expected to be jam packed!!

  4. Ruby says:

    You’re right BD, Mohanik did in fact play the official last ever show at D22. I was there and these kids rocked the shit out of that place! So looking forward to seeing them again. Temple is the place to be Saturday night, not just for them, but also for Banana Monkey who Eric at MusicDish China has been raving to me about since he saw them last month. And also DJ BO who’s heading to Nth Korea next month to play the first ever DJ show in the DPRK!

  5. Jaime says:

    You goin to the metal thang? I’ll go