Quickslants: Punks Rule, The Beijinger Showcase And More Weekend Music

Man did the week fly by. I was planning to throwing in a couple of overdue album reviews that have been on the backburner for some time then next thing i see, it’s Thursday and the Quickslants are due.. Ouch!
Tough slants this week with some big ass events going head to head and a lot of people split as to which one to go for. Let’s check them out

Thursday August 16th

Knucklebone Oscar @ Mao
He’s labelled as Scandinavia’s best kept secret. A dynamo that’s half man and half ape but all power and mischief. It’s a whole lotta rockabilly and blues as far as I’m concerned. really old school and punchy.
Actually I might just have to ditch my plans and go check it out.

Powerman 5000 @Yugong
Rob Zombie’s little brother and his crew are in town for some cleaned up power metal or whatever they call it these days. I would have preferred to get big brother in town but this could be an opportunity for the younger bands to get a little lesson in showmanship.

Friday August 17

Rock for Eve @ 2 Kolegas
Who am I to say no to this? Wu & the Side effects, Beijing Beatles along with Wu and the Side Effects will be on hand to bring the fun at 2 Kolegas. I think it might be the first time all 3 of these bands are on one bill and at least two of them have not played in like a month. I’m in need of a dance and this might just be the right night/time

Randy Abel Stable @ Jianghu
A special Stable show in the hutongs celebrating Yusi’s birthday at the same time. It seems like all the members might be back in town after the holiday splits and they gonna be itching to throw a whole bunch of country, bluegrass and americana songs your way.

Saturday August 18

9th Annual Punk Festival @ Mao ( Part 1)
It’s been punk month in Beijing, really. Between Dave O’dell showing up and organizing all kinds of stuff in the city, this festival and other goodies, we’ve got punk out da wazoo. This edition is split in two days with Japan’s Star Club as well as The Erections headline this first day with help from Misandao, ABoys, Skarving and more. Suppoesdly things kick off at 4:00pm

The Beijinger New Music Showcase @ 2 Kolegas
Not as much about new music as it could be but there are a number of interesting bands in this puppy. Music gets a bit of a center stage but unlike the punk festival, this more of a drinking party. Ticket gives one access to 7 hours of free flowing beer as well as some roast lamb. There’s talk of Guitar Hero challenges and other party tricks but let’s not forget the music. This will be the first chance ever to check out SUBS v. 2012, hear some of Bad Mamasan’s new material and discover some of the young guns like Ronnie’s Will, Elephant Fresh and more. The ever present REsidence A and Amazing Insurance Salesmen round up the lineup.

Sunday August 19th

9th Annual Punk Festival @ Mao day2
Back in the ring to take another swing. Day two of this puppy will see another who’s who of punk royalty ready to kick your ass, make you sweat..not necessarily in that order. SUBS headline and close the festival with help from Unregenerate Blood, Discord, Hell City and Rolling Bolling among others. What a nice way to spend a sunday…. doesn’t get better than being inside the mosh pit! Guarantees you a good night of sleep afterwards………or a trip to the hospital.

If you’re in the mood for something more chilled and family friendly, check out the 2012 max star festival at Ditan Park, also on August 18 and 18. You get more poppish vibe with the likes of Longshendao, summer sunshine, Twinkle Star and Perpetual Motion Machine just to name a few. Their second day is actually one hell of a strong lineup with quality bands.
See you out there!!

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4 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    All you can eat and drink at 2K? Da winnaz!!! What is subs v 2012?

  2. We might not round anything out, but not there will be at the Beijinger thing too.

  3. Karla says:

    Why did I find your site just now??? I was in Beijing a few weeks ago and was looking for some rock and roll places… I just ended up spending every night in Migas in Chaoyang. Place was great but it would have been greater if I had a taste of rock and roll in China…Will definitely read your blog regularly for my next trip next year!