Quickslants: Swift Return, Free Lennon, Firewind and a quiet weekend ahead

Wow… It’s been a while since there’s been a “normal” weekend going on in town with no festival or must see gig taking place. Wouldn’t it have been cool if one of the 3 festivals set for last week were delayed by week? it would have made their attendance a heck of a lot better… maybe! Anyways, let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer for the next two days in terms of live music. A whole lotta electronic stuff going on though so that might explain it. Even 2 Kolegas is having a go at it with their I love Beijing party.

Thursday August 23rd

Imagine @ Mako
This just sounds fun.. a screening of Imagine John Lennon on Mako’s gigantic screen. nice way to celebrate Chinese valentine’s day by holding hands in the dark and…. you know. It’s free!

Ember Swift @ Temple
Not sure if this is the whole band or just Ember on her own but either ways, you’re gonna be entertained! Ember is just a sure value and knows how to deliver! Her slot during ‘dazeFEAST was one of the most popular and she’s one of the few that sold out every freaking CD she brought into the party

Friday August 24

Firewind @ Tango
Greek powermetal hits tango Friday night. This one is sure to bring out a devoted army of Axe lovers, headbangers and other long haired misfits. It’s been a bit disappointing lately with the Dream Theatre and Megadeth cancellations but this one should be going through just fine.

16 min @ jianghu
The new ‘daze darlings will be in the hutongs playing their portishead influenced sounds. I think that venue will actually be pretty darn good for them

PMM @ Hot Cat
This is probably the most fun show of the evening. It would be the must-see one if the sound system as Hot Cat was even a tad of an ounce better. Either ways, get your funk on with perpetual motion machine or for the ladies, just go drooling over them as they tend to play topless a lot.

Saturday August 25

Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen @ Mao
I still love this band’s name and think they absolutely should have some fun double-entente shirts and some hoochie coochie play on words. Oh and yeah, they can actually play some pretty mean blues licks and have been around the Beijing blocks a few times. It’s a bit of a surprise to see them play Mao actually but oh well…

It’s a bit of a minislants really but there isn’t much out there that captured my imagination for this weekend…. A bunch of venues have not really updated their listings expect some surprises out there.