Random Tidbits: New CMCB, Duck Fight New MV and The Day I Saw Rock n Roll

Random little midweek tidbits that i came across recently! Looks like we’re due for a slew of new music soon judging by the noise on weibo and douban!
CMCB, Beijing’s outspoken Rap-Metal luminaries are busy in the studio getting stuff recorded. They’ve been saying this for quite some time now but it seems to be happening! A Video of them in the studio doing the new song 我说的就是我想干的 (What I Said is Exactly what I want to do) is out. I like these guys and I’ve liked them for a long time but the new song is really more of the same. I’m hoping that things will be a bit different once they get the whole thing worked out. In the meantime, Here is 我说的就是我想干的

Shanghai’s Duck Fight Goose has also given the video treatment to one of their songs, Glass Wall… it’s..ahem.. different and strangely reminiscent of like 80s videos. I like it is a weird way! Good to see a band put out a video, strange or not. It’s the best way next to merch to get exposure IMHO
Check it out here:

Remember MIDI from 3 years ago and that unplugged finale from Miserable Faith? Well MIDI apparently had some tape rolling and here is really the clearest video I’ve ever seen.
It’s also got a great little narrative of how things went that night looking for flash lights and having barely enough power to feed one microphone. Just watching it sends chills down my spine folks!! I’m not sure I’ll ever experience anything like it again but this one is in my heart forever as the day i think i saw Rock n Roll

One Band I keep expecting a lot out of, and I hope I’m right is Jiu Bao ( Nine Treasures). Getting help from Hanggai is definitely working in their favor as they’ve started following in their footstep as far as merch and videos go. They got T-shirts now, an LP and put out this little recording from one of their shows to give people an idea what to expect. Mongolian Folk Metal Rocks.

so a couple of cool videos for this tuesday..

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