Quickslants: Indiechina Celebrates, Apocalyptica, Shufuland, Tuya Festival and more..

There’s a mouth watering variety of great gigs coming your way this weekend folks. You want metal, you got it. you want reggae, you got it, you want pop, you got it etc… i’m pretty stoked about this one folks so let’s get it started!

Friday Sept. 7th

Apocalyptica @ Yugong
So we might not have gotten Metallica in town but we get something close enough here.. The Cello version! Apocalytica has been making waves for years with their own take on the songs. The monsters of rock themselves have given them their endorsement and they are usually picky.

Indie China Anniversary @Mako
Indiechina.com celebrates 8 years of covering the scene and they’re bringing in the big guns for this celebration. We’re talking really big underground guns: Low Wormwood, Omnipotent Youth Society, Glow Curve as well as relative unknowns (for me) The Dyne. This might be one of the few chances people get to see OYS without it being silly crowded and sold out considering Mako has a bigger capacity than Mao at least. A great bill and a good celebration of people that have supported the music industry for a long time.
That said.. 8 years and they can’t figure out how to make a poster for their big event??? WTF?

Longshendao @ Mao
Dreadlocks and linen with be all over the Mao pit as China’s reggae icons, longshendao, comes out to party! Expect a lot of funny smells in the air, good times, sing alongs and one hell of a afterparty at Temple by the looks of it.

Saturday Sept. 8th

Folk Meet Electro @Yugong
Who can’t take their eyes away from a car crash in the happening? YEah, evil analogy but I am strangely drawn to this gig, especially for potential. Chinese folk has a beautiful rhythms that mix well with electro IMHO and it could be interesting to see what these bands do. Zhang Si’An has his improv set, WHAI is constantly evolving.. other acts have decently big names in town but not sure what/how they will mix things up. Either ways, should be interesting.

Shufuland @ 2Kolegas
This has got to be the mellowest shufuland ever, I barely recall seeing an add for it anywhere this year!Chill times, DJs, fun on the grass and generally cool people are usualy hiding out in the drive-in for unpretentious good times.

Tuya Rock Festival @ Mao
I actually never heard of Tuya records before last week which goes to show how much i know.. Now, I won’t forget about them and they’re giving me very god reasons to remember them: Suffocated and SAW, two of my favorite metal bands in China, along with Ego Fall, Frosty Eve, Evilthorn and Four Five. There will be a lot of headbanging down the Mao pit folks and it will be oh so pretty.

Special for Ruby mentions: Low Wormwood will be playing one of the last shows ever at Jianghu, starting the goodbye shows to a great little venue. They’re still touring behind Lanzhou Lanzhou (see our review) and definitely know how to work the crowd with folky good times. Also day 2 of Indiechina.com anniversary, mostly dedicated to post-rock with some new and uncoming bands.

Sunday Sept. 9th

Tuya Rock Festival 2 @ Mao
If night one was not of your liking, this second day might be more interesting with a more diverse lineup of rock, pop, Throat Singing and more. It’s a pretty solid all around lineup that you don’t get to see everywhere and me likey. We don’t usually have too many good choices on a sunday. Lineup includes Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen, Finger Family, Wang Shengnan, ‘daze faves Jacky Danny, Dolan, The Power Powder and finally Mud & Lotus. Great diversity in here, really!

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2 Responses

  1. jtdj says:

    Just one more Wangba Records show with Stranded Horse and Li Daiguo at Jianghu Bar on Friday. I cherish chances to see Daiguo do his thing.

    • josh says:

      @jtdj et al: Li Daiguo will also play at XP on sunday afternoon 9/16. more info coming soon to site.douban.com/xpbeijing / xpbeijing.com 😉