Quickslants: Grunge Nights, No Fillers, Sand and Covers

Change: All Events at 2 Kolegas cancelled til 9/18 due to tense situation with nearby Japanese Embassy

IT’s already been a week? Time flies when when you’re waiting for music and there is a shitload of it in town over the next few days. Ruby’s has already been out and about catching Zhaozhe, her “potential” gig of 2012, but the real action starts tonight with a shitload of goodies. We’re even treated so some pretty sweet sunday choices. Let’s dig in:

Friday September 14

Music Day @ Tango:
Reflector headlines this night eclectic music at yonghegong which has Escape Plan (former Perdel), Residence A, Namo and Dude. Arguably some of the most popular and fun bands in the city right now, they’re sure to draw one hell of an audience at Tango… I hope so because the place feels like a cave when empty.

Lao Liu & Sand @ Jianghu
An old favorite stops by Jianghu as it gets closer to closing its doors. Lao Liu still one of the better bluesmen of the capital and has a loyal following. Cool little chill gig to warm your heart as temperature take a dip.

Cover Night @ Yugong Yishan
Here is a gig that has some great potential if done right and the bands get out of their comfort zone: Not There, Army of Jade Kirin, Velvet Highway, The Gray and Longjin are set to cover some of their idols. I can definitely see AJK doing Marylin Manson but the tricky one would be Not There covering the one and only Elvis…. are they gonna sing? will there be pelvis shaking?

Saturday September 15th

No Filler @ Yugong Yishan
wow.. Yugong makes 2 appearances in the quickslants. Been a while! The Not There guys have been advertising the shit out of this gig and I wish them the best. IT’s supposedly some of their favorite bands playing alongside them: Residence A, Pacoloco and My September round up the bill. Young and Energetic, this might be worth checking out. I believe there also a baozi and hot dog contest scheduled.

Bad Mamasan @ 2 Kolegas
The mean lean metal loving machine sporting Beijing’s best curls heads over to the drive in. Their CD release party at Temple was beyond fun (I will have a review at some point) and I expect nothing short of a good time at 2K saturday night. Not sure if there’s an opening act or not but either ways, get them horns ready.

Sunday September 16th

Grunge Night @ 2Kolegas
they might have kept a low profile the past few weeks but they got one hell of a good throwdown ready for sunday night with a whole lotta goodies. Deliquescence of the Soul, Laoya, Miao, Nucleus, Drunkard and up-and-comers Mud & Lotus will be on hand for an exciting evening. This is the most new bands i’ve seen in a while and probably my must-see gig of the weekend. Miao blew me away last time they were in town but I’m not sure their singer is back from France. Nucleus is the only sure value really.

of course, as usual, plenty of other shows taking place in town including Mademoiselle at jianghu saturday night and Li Daiguo hold an afternoon session at XP sunday.

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