Quickslants: Capitan Tifus, Indie Attack, Hardcore Lands and Ningxia Night Retruns

Early quickslants this week folks after last week that saw no quickslants due to a busier than expected schedule. There’s a good reason for this, namely an Argentinian Ska band, Capitan Tifus, stopping by Yugong Yishan this wednesday.. It’s also a good day to get start planning your gigs for the beginning of the holiday weekend. Shall we get started?

Wednesday Sept. 26

Capitan Tifus @ Yugong Yishan
“The most promising band from Argentina” has been making noise online checking out the sites and making sure they let everyone know they will be here. I like a hard working band, especially one that sounds good at what they do. The band has been touring the word behind their latest album and promises a high energy show with dancing galore.

Thursday Sept. 27

Randy Able Stable@ Temple
The rambling americana trouble makers head over to Temple for another evening full of classic ditties and a few originals. These guys are ‘daze favorites for good reasons and always worth checking out when you have a chance. The Temple gigs go on for two sets so definitely worth the trip and… guess what… it’s free!

Friday Sept. 28

Indie Night @ 2 Kolegas
interesting mix of bands hitting the drive-in friday night: Steely Heart, Wu & The Side Effects, Residence A & Perpetual Motion Machine. I’m not sure why they called it “indie” night as these bands are just good dancing bands. If Ruby wasn’t out of town, she’d be drooling all over this one! great gig for a friday night and highly recommended!

Saturday Sept 29.

Buyi @ jianghu
This might be one of the last chances ever to catch the ningxia quatuor at dongmianhua hutong before Jianghu closes shop. They’re old favorites of the place and put on one hell of a performance anytime they get on stage. I expect this particular one to be nothing short of amazing and you should definitely get your ass over to the hutongs for it. It’s gonna be emotional

Sunday Sept 30

CNHC Festival @ Mao Live
The first ever hardcore festival in Beijing and probably China too. The effort, spearheaded by Unregenerate Blood, will see the who’s who of the local hardcore scene show up alongside Hong Kong’s King Ly Chee. Last time these cats were in town, they put on the concert of a livetime and had the Mao Pit going a volcano level heat. Return the Truth, XitneverhappenedX also amongst the bands slated to perform. Honestly folks, if you’re looking for passion in music, this is where it’s at right now.

Ningxia Night @ 2 Kolegas
been a while since we managed to get all the Ningxia bands hanging out and rocking out together in the drive in.. Well, they’re back and they’re waiting for your ears to hear it all. Lidong, Whai, Wu & Side Effects, Skarving and of course Buyi all on the bill. I’d expect a surprise or two of course… and those amazing saozi mian.

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  1. Ruby says:

    Aw BD, if you go on Friday please say Hi to my boys for me!!