quickslants: covers, releases, Punks and Goths- a solid few days of music ahead

wow.. another round of early quickslants after missing out on them last week. But seriously folks, it looks like all the venues are coming out of the october holidays with some kick ass gigs lined up from wednesday to sunday! In some cases, more than one “must-see” per night and i’m not about to complain about this. Let’s kick it

Wednesday Oct. 10

Youth Night @ Mao Live
Kick Ass, Emitter, Devils at the Crossroad and Longway get together for a heavy cover night. expect lotsa AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Motorhead and more with some of the better young bands in town.. actually, can i still call them young? I mean these kids have been around for a while and the beards on some of them almost qualify them as old timers.

Meng Zhi album launch @ 2 Kolegas
The gang at 2 K is actually excited about this gig and even though i’ve never heard of the person in question, i know better than to doubt their opinions by now. He’s been playing around Beijing for a few years now and he’s looking to break out with this “Folk 2012” release

Thursday October 11

Michael Dallin @ Temple
probably still one of the more underrated performers in the capital, Michael is still going strong with his original songs may it be alongside Bad Apples or his other projects. this particular night, expect an eclectic jam probably with a few musicians jumping in to contribute.

Goth NIght @ Mao Live
get your freak on or how halloween comes in early. some of beijing’s favorite spandex and black eyeliner fiends get together at Mao Live. There’s a whole bunch of bands on the bill and some of them are just not that good so your mileage might vary. However, if you wanna get a feel for how emo this place can get, there is no better night.

Friday Oct 12

Liu Yusi & Friends @ Old What
Yusi just completed his fundraiser mission of cycling from Beijing to Shanghai for charity. He’s someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, either with music or people and I really enjoy him as a person. This will be a great time to celebrate his feat alongside other friends. Keep in mind most of the proceeds will be donated to the local NGO Green Earth Volunteers to support their educational project ‘The Libraries along the Rivers’.

3 Bands @ 2 Kolegas
Residence A, Buyi and Me Too get together for a nice night of non-pretentious rock n roll in the drive in. none of these bands needs any introduction at this point as they’ve all been featured ad nauseum on the blog, especially the two first ones. Get some comfortable shoes on and start hopping on the dance floor.

Saturday Oct. 13

SMZB @ 2 Yugong
it feels like i haven’t been back to yugong yishan for a long time and maybe it’s the right night to return. SMZB is one of the few punk bands in China that has survived the test of time for so long and done it outside of Beijing. That is no easy feat folks and guess what, they’re actually not bad. A-Boys provide support on this one.

Infectious @ 2 Kolegas
couldn’t think of a better, more suitable name to call this night at 2 K. The lineup is extremely freaking solid with some local favorites taking the stage for what promises to be a huge saturday night. Rolling Bowling, The K, Devils at the Crossroad & Perpetual Motion Machine. Never mind the weather cooling down folks, this one WILL get sweaty, very sweaty and there will be copious amounts of liquid refreshments to help out.

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