[gig review] Punk Night at the Old What’s 11th – Discord and Fiddle

I must admit i’ve toned down the going out lately with the bar and a new job but i still try and make it to enough gigs out there to keep me entertained. Punk Night at the Old What Bar’s 11th year anniversary was one of those. I liked the bill even more because no bands were announced so it could have been dogs and cats howling at the moon for all i know. Thankfully, it was better than that.

I got there around 10:30 and just narrowly missed the first band so i took up a seat and conversation with Gao Bo over Yunnan Plum Liquor kept me busy while the next act was setting up. I hadn’t see Discord in years for whatever reason, not even at the punk festival but hey, they’re still around and still screaming/kicking.
The band put together a solid 40mn set with the crowd singing along, a testament to their longevity. And they kept it going louder and louder until they got to their favorite pleaser: “Beijing Power”. Even the folks sipping canned yanjing and small erguotou came in for this one. What can i say, it’s a fun band and it was the Old What… and they put on a good show wich is ultimately what i wanted.

The beauty of a night like that is that i had no idea what would be next and i like it… because the next act, Joking Tasty Band, had me hopping around those 20sqm for their whole set!! The quatuor had style, personality, could sing, play and they had a fiddle along with their punk. Now, my inner redneck gets giggly every time i see or hear and fiddle and these cats pulled off the songs well… so double whammy! They did a couple of covers i remember as well as a few songs in Chinese.. the cool thing though was their energy: They managed to keep everyone hopping and transition at will between punk and celtic folk sounds… i was a happy camper! still am…

More Joking Tasty 美味戏谑乐队

More Discord

Ultimately, as much as I liked the bands and the music, what impressed me most was the mixed audience that somehow converged to the bar that night. I mean it was by no means jam packed but seeing a healthy mix of locals and expats rocking out on the side of the forbidden city is just something special 🙂
I’m looking forward to catching these cats again and i’ve been reminded that no matter how much i like my usual venues, sometimes, i still gotta get out there and check the rest.

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