Quickslants: Sick Time, Insurance Salesmen, Metal Health and more..

it might not seem like it but there is actually an interesting weekend coming up folks. I’ll keep it short and sweet for you all:

Friday Nov 2

AIS @ Yugong Yishan
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen are back at it with what’s becoming a monthly occurrence… i did this new rhythm of playing less shows and making their brand more special.. now let’s get some new songs in a CD and I’ll be a happy fan. Me Too are on opening duties.

Buyi @ Jianghu
The Ningxia quatuor heads over to Jianghu for one of their sit down performances. I saw them earlier this week at 2 Kolegas and they’re sounding a bit heavier than usual.. can’t say that’s a bad thing in my book.

Saturday Nov 3

Trash till Death @ Club 13
out of the blue, CLub 13 reminds us that they’re still around with an interesting lineup going all day from 2 p.m. until midnight. The festivities are split into two parts. Part I: Putsch, Hellfire, Nine Treasures, Never Before, The Metaphor. Part II (8:30): Tractor, Los Crasher, Tengger Cavalry, Hellward, Explosicum. That is definitely a lot of bang for your buck

Jacky Danny @ Hot Cat
this might be one of those shows where the sound system at Hot Cat can be overlooked. Jacky Danny played their hearts out last week at Temple and i only heard good things about Executant of the Sword, the opening act. I wonder if Ricky Sixx is still on bass duties.

Casino Demon @ Zajia
something has been brewing for a while at the Zajia Labs even though i don’t mention them often enough. They got Casino Demon on the bill saturday playing unplugged punk. That could be an interesting one to check out: either it’s gonna rock or be a giant car crash.

Sunday Nov 4th

Sick Times @ Temple
Ze Zermans are in town and they’re fixing to rock your socks off… actually, they’re fixing to inject you with a good dose of hardcore.I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sick Times from their SS20 cohorts and Gumbleed, whom i haven’t seen/heard in a while are handling the opening duties. It’s a heavy weekend out there. btw, be ready for it… they have one mean ass bass sound

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