Quickslants: Goodbye 2012 With Steelyheart, Hellcats, Whai, Punks and More

Man where has the time gone by? I must admit that the ed of 2012 has been shaky on the blog from a content perspective but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. So here we are: Last weekend of 2012 and one last go at Quickslants to round up all the musical goodness we might be indulging ourselves with over the next few days, starting tonight


Friday Dec 28

Steelyheart & Friends @ 2Kolegas
Steelyheart go back to the drivein along with the Intrepid Travelers and Puss n Boot (i think i dissed them a few times when they were called Pirate Pistol). It’s one of the last chances to get your kicks in my favorite dive bar before they start their annual winter hibernation. Should be a good little show folks

Liu Yusi @ Zajia
this one is special folks. I dig Yusi’s style and dedication to americana, sure! but this one is to celebrate his bicycle tour to raise awareness for environmental problems. it sounds good and it’s for a good cause. What else should we need?

Saturday Dec 29

Brain Failure @ Temple
yup.. they’re hitting the Temple and it’s gonna be acoustic, or so i hear.
Fresh from their MIDI win, the cats will be in good mood and we can look forward to lots of drinking and fun along with nice bluesy punk. Yeah yeah yeah… This one might and will get rowdy.

Blackhead @ Yugong Yishan
they were the surprise nominees from this year’s MIDI award… It’s good to see them up in Beijing so soon after that before anyone forgets their name here. Shaanxi is really one of the cradles of Chinese civilization so this is an opportunity to see if it’s got what it takes to influence the underground rock scene. Hua Ying Lao Qiang and Ma Fei are also part of the party. I’m not sure how the latter two sound like but expect some folk hiphop

Sunday Dec 30
Punk @ School
We’re getting the New Year bash started early with a punk party featuring Misandao, Early Bus, Gum Bleed, Discord, Ouch and Hell City. Good lineup, unpretentious bands and a rejuvenated School bar that is by all accounts looking more like the rightful reincarnation of D22.

MOnday Dec 31

DH & The Hellcats @ 2 Kolegas
The hellcats have been kinda on hiatus, probably on account of needing to replace members and Brain Failure touring. Well, the v.2 is gonna come out Monday night to play and have some fun in the drive in for some good old dancing. Wu & the Side Effects will be on hand to help out. Expect a few more surprises though.

Hedgehog @ School
Ok, i hesitate to recommend this gig because it’s gonna be tight packed in a venue that has yet to make its mark. But they have pulled together one hell of a lineup that consists of Hedgehog, Steely Heart, Candy Monster, Bedstars, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede and Brother Tough- just to name a few. You want a smoky, crazy, musical party? this is where it’s at.

Tuesday Jan 1st

Twinkle Star @ Mao
They’re the next big band in my book and 2013 might just be their year. Wouldn’t it be fitting that they open things up? also on the bill: Saving Molly, The Lifeless, Disturb the Radio, IBU and New Tank.

Wednesday Jan 2

Metal Rock @ Mao
Bad Mamasan, Demerit, Jacky Danny, Los Crasher, EOTS, Strike Back, and The Metaphor will be gracing the stage in Gulou and it’s gonna get heavy. Some good party bands and some pretty darn good music all under one roof so let’s get this mother burning.

Bian Yuan @ School
Bian Yuan loves cohen.. he just does. So when he sets up a whole night to play Leonard Cohen songs, we say hell yeah.

Have fun kids… and see you next year!

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  1. Brain Failure playing at SOLANA Dec.31, 2012 for the Count Down – 23:30 to 00:15.
    Rock’N The Best!!!