Quickslants: Fangzui, Acid Live, Frank Turner, Dawanggang and more..

How you surviving the week y’all? With Jue kicking ass and taking names, it seems like the last 2 weeks have been a constant stream of live shows and music news and none of it is over yet. Way away from the mainstream, I was fortunate enough to catch some cool stuff this week with Japanese Drumming prodigy, Funky, organizing an impromptu music festival with some real y old school things that included a COBRA reunion… yeah, that Cobra.. but that’s all for another day. Let’s see what we should be looking forward to over the next few days:


Fri Mar 22

Fangzui Xiangfa @ Temple
This is my gig of the night. THe band was first brought to my attention by none other than J-curls and they kick ass. Old school hardcore punk that takes no prisoner. They’re coming off their first China tour in a while and have been putting on some kickass shows. Gumbleed and the Flyx will be on hand to provide some extra tunes.

Acid Live/Wu Ning ye @ 2 Kolegas
I saw these cats perform together about two months ago at Temple and it was kickass. They have developed such a chemistry since then with some of them even joining BUYi permanently. It’s a blast and tons of fun as they go through jazz, folk, blues seemingly. Definitely a good time. Wu Ning Ye almost seems happy these days as he smiles more on stage.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls @ Mao Live
he’s been all over the media lately and the Jue folks have spent a lot of time and effort promoting this gig. Not band for a singer/songwriter whom i had never heard of before. The few samples i’ve listened to have not disappointed and i’m guessing the gig won’t disappoint either.

Saturday Mar 23

Hard Rocking Times @ Mao
Mao moves on from singer/songwriter to loud as fuck-in your face- rock n roll with some of my faves: Jacky Danny, Devils at the Crossroad, Los Crasher and a few more… oh yeah, a German band called “nothing” as well. These gigs tend to be a jolly good time and you just can’t argue with them. That said, once the party migrates to temple, the likelyhood of coming out as the sun is rising is pretty high.


Dawangang @ Jianghu
This is more Song Yu Zhe than Dawanggang me thinks but the old man has consistently blurred the lines between his solo work and his (super) band. He’s about to embark on a special solo tour of China that all poetic and themed so this might be one of the last chances to catch his progressive Mongolian rhythms for a while.

Sunday Mar 24

Tuerxun @ Jianghu
one of the better Uyghur musicians around Beijing brings some flamenco flavors to Jianghu. I’ve had a the chance to see him a few times already and he’s pretty good folks. Him and his backing band were on hand during the last benefit gig at Yugong playing alongside Askar.. Not a bad way to wind down the sunday.

Go have fun out there folks.

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