Tube Me: XTX , Dawanggang & More Videos

well, to celebrate a fake weekend, what better that a few music videos to distract your from your pretend work in the office? I like that bands are getting into them again and discovering the value of a good MV as a promotion tool. So, what’s on the dazeTUBE?

Good old Song Yun Zhe has been busy cooperating with tons of people over the past year but he did find some time to get a new record released for his band, Da Wang Gang. The lead single from the album is 四条道 sìtiáo dào. A nice little Folky number that mixes tons of influences and, much like SOng Yun Zhe himself, sharp and dark.. is currently touring China in support of their latest release but expect them back in Beijing soonish.

Xie Tian Xiao:
Remember that hyped up gig at the Worker’s Gym? well, apparently, it was good enough! heck, some people are saying it was amazing. Video is slowly leaking out and the latest one, which is pretty well produced, is of the lead single from Illusion: 把夜晚染黑

I really didn’t like this at first but i’m very much digging it nowadays.

Casino Demon
The on-off supergroup is really having fun these days. THey released an decent EP, went on tour and they are playing regularly which is a great thing. I Mean it’s still pretty much an offshoot of the Dancers IMHO but who cares what it’s called?
Here is their video for 童年 (Childhood)’m digging it… i think i might have linked to it before.. still great stuff.

This one is not really new but i’m really learning to appreciate Askar ( Grey Wolf) and their brand of xinjiang Rock. As he’s coming back to prominence, we’re seeing more and more Beijing gigs happening. So here is the video for an oldie from them, “祝福” (Blessing) to get you in the mood. the fake saturday.

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