La Fête de la Musique: A French Orchestrated Musical Onslaught

Last year, when these kids approached me to talk about a gigantic musical event all around gulou with almost 20 concert and 50 bands, I was sceptical! Not only did they pull it off, they came back for more this year with an even better Beijing Music Day: Gig happening from gulou to the 4th ring, going through Sanlitun, and bringing together pretty much every indie band in the City. There are tons of gigs literally to go through so for your listening pleasure, I’ve trimmed it down to the essentials:

Note that my own tiny little hutong bar, Cu Ju, is hosting music for the first time ever as the opening act of the Gulou festivities courtesy of Mademoiselle et Son Orchestre.

Cuju 蹴鞠
6pm: “Mademoiselle et son Orchestre”

School Bar 学校酒吧
9pm: Live in Summer: Candy Monster with Friends, 1st album release 糖果怪兽乐队和朋友们,首张专辑发布

Mai 麦吧
9pm: Zac Courtney’s ‘The New Vibe’

10pm : “Mademoiselle et son Orchestre”

Malty Dog
9 pm: The Hutong Yellow Weasels 胡同黄鼠狼

“Là bas” Bar 远方
8pm to 11pm: Folk Music Night 民谣乐
Gangzi 图利古尔-刚子
Yang Ji Ma央吉玛
A Shui 阿水
Xiao Bu dian小不点 (民谣)

Blue Stream 蓝溪酒吧
9pm to 11.30pm: 图利古尔-刚子 -蓝溪蒙古民谣之夜 Mongolia Folk Live By Tulegir Gangzi

Jiangjinjiu 疆进酒酒吧
9pm: Zakka 左卡乐队

Mao Livehouse
7.30 pm : Djang San 张思安
8.30 pm: « Lo’jo » and Guo Gan果敢
10.15 pm: Residence A A公馆

Jianghu 江湖酒吧
8.30pm: The Randy Abel Stable 美国兰草乡村乐队

2 kolegas – 两个好朋友
Start at 7pm:
Namo 南无
Perpetual Motion Machine: 永动机乐队
Whai 坏
Amazing insurance salesman 保险超人乐队
DJ Frederic Beigbeder
We are not invited 我们没被邀请

Of course, more than that is going on and chances are your favourite bar might have a band playing. So get on out and get some music… alrighty? Check their website for more information

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