Look ‘Ma.. We’re Popular: XTX, Miserable Faith and more unplugged at Poly Theater

remember the days when yaogun was nasty, dirty and made to frighten your parents?
remember the days when it was completely rejected by Chinese mainstream?

Seems like those days are slowly over and everyone getting ready to cash in again! first, we had Suffocated on CCTV.. that was something completely out there! and now, the revered Poly theatre is jumping into the action with a series of unplugged performances, priced to lighten your wallet, starting Tuesday


This series, titled: New Forces of Rock – Cut Down the Noise, will see a different headliner every night from now until sunday:

2013/6/25: Muma & Third Party
2013/6/26: Brain Failure
2013/6/27: 爽子与瓷乐队 ( Cool Son?)
2013/6/29: Miserable Faith
2013/6/30: Xie Tian Xiao
2313/7/01: Confucius Says

Tickets priced quite steep at 100元, 260元, 360元, 560元, 660元, 860元 but then again, it’s the poly theatre.

Man, i’m tempted to go just to see who will actually be there because your casual fan is just not gonna be able to afford these prices.
Anyways, it’s still an interesting initiative apparently by leTV amongst others. Get more information and tickets over at the Poly Theatre’s website http://www.polytheatre.com

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