Quickslants: Queen Sea, Tiger, Insurance and more Weekend Music Options

I’m almost recovered from the mayhem that was dazeFEAST and just about ready to get back out again… partly due to avoiding the mosh pit yesterday at Mao Live during ChunQiu’s return to the scene. So, what looked like a potentially quiet weekend it actually decievingly interesting y’all. Let’s dig into it.


Friday July 5

Queen Sea Big Shark @ Yugong Yishan
love them or hate them, they put on a show and the place will be packed! There are no ifs or buts about it.
expect a lot of spandex, light effects and weird vocals from China’s answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeah (or so they’ve been labeled). I’m personally staying clear of it but a lot of folks might enjoy this one.

AIS @ Temple
again, a band that used to be the sweet darlings of Beijing. They still rock, they still roll and put on one hell of a performance! Unfortunately, they couldn’t play at DF due to a accident Mao Mao had so this is the chance to catch them. If you’re in the mood for some nice shredding, weird bass tones and madman-like drumming, this is your stop.

Saturday July 6th

July Bookswap at The Local
THe monthly gathering of Beijing’s readers and gamers takes place tomorrow afternoon at The Local, formerly Brussels, from 2 to 6 pm.
Bring on you r books for trading and come for a good time

Egofall @ Mao
They’ve been around long enough to get some respect and have outlasted plenty of their peers while drawing a decent legion of fans. Saturday will see them release their latest album, Duguilang. Support bands unconfirmed as of yet but expect a slew of tattoos and black to descent upon Mao

Tiger Battle Final @ Yugong Yishan
Res A and Life Journey are the special guests tonight but about 8 bands will be battling things out for the pleasure/honour to head to singapore and play a gig there.
I’ve actually managed to miss the whole competition this year but i’m planning to make the finale.

Zhang Qian and Band @ Mako
sweet voice and plenty of charisma. I’ve never seen her outside of 2 Kolegas playing charity shows but i can confirm she’s good.
Mako is a weird choice of a venue for her as she’s a one-woman-show but she’s apparently bringing along her band so you’ll forget the size of the place. Sweet soulful folk, isn’t that what the doctor asked for?

Sunday July 7th

Free Punk @ School
Hell City, The Flyx, Trash Cats, and D Crash will come down crashing on School for some sunday night shenanigans brought to you courtesy of… well… school i guess!
It’s sunday so what the hell.. nothing better happening in town.

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2 Responses

  1. ruby says:

    also don’t forget tonight at mao, hong kong post rockers tfvsjs are in town. opening duties fall two a couple of great local bands who play very rarely, grinding ear who currently recording their debit album and illness sickness who rocked dazefeast last week with a guest trumpeter

  2. jtdj says:

    Sunday Special at Jianghu (40 yuan, 830pm)
    Group of five young Pumi minority musicians from Yunnan keeping their ancient songs alive and playing a cool four-stringed instrument called a 羊头琴. We’re lucky to have them; there’s only around 33,600 Pumi left (according to a 2000 census).