Grasslands Rock: Zhangbei Inmusic Festival 2013 w/ XTX, Cui Jian, OYS and more..

I must admit: I have successfully avoided going to Zhangbei for 4 years in a row… Bad bad daze!. Ruby has managed a few times and came back more than happy on each occasion. Yours truly however, has not had the inclination to deal with a 3 to 5 hour drive. This year might just change that, especially on the strength of the day 2 lineup.


So this year, they’re geared for the big party between Friday, July 26th and Sunday, July 28th! While they might not have Tricky or some other bigger names, they did however pull the who’s who of Chinese Rock as well as Taiwan’s Matzka. Sweden’s Pg.Lost and none other than Cui Jian headline a tricky day 3 that history has shown as unkind for bands:




Main Stage: Po Shang Cun; Shanren; Candy Doll; Zuo You; Omnipotent Youth Society; Matzka (Taiwan); Maximilian Hecker (Germany); MONO (Japan); Sodagreen (Taiwan)

DJ Stage Eric Lee, AMU; Liman; Mickey Zhang


Main Stage: Elenore; WHAI; Shuangzi & Friends; Dafay & Skyscraper; Escape Plan; Iron Kite; Twisted Machine; Hanggai; XTX

DJ Stage: Jiaozi; Chole; TNEM; Conrank


Main Stage: Yaksa; No Fish; Sound Toy; CaoTai; Nanwu; Muma & The Third Party; Miserable Faith; Second Hand Rose; Pg.lost (Sweden); Cui Jian

DJ Stage: Guzz; Donkey Tonk; Oshi; Sulumi

Prices this year are along the lines of 150 per day presale (180 door) and 400 presale for the three days (500 at the door)
I’ll probably try and have some extra details about shuttles and festival logistics as we get closer to the dates.
you can get them tickets ahead of time at

That day 2 is looking really really good.

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3 Responses

  1. ruby says:

    zhangbei is fun! wish i could go again this year esp. for mono and pg.lost.

    nice move putting cuijian last on sunday, hopefully that will encourage people to stick around longer. last year everyone was heading back to the city by 11-12ish and left the international band playing to an empty field at 1am.

    don’t expect midi like conditions, the food will be average, the sound as well, the bathrooms communal and you’ll be stared at like an alien by the local nongcun, but enjoy the scenery out there, it’s a nice little escape from the city.

  2. jtdj says:

    And what the hell with lil cry baby Maximillian Hecker following Matzka and warming up for Mono? What a bring down.