Slimslants: Jamafreeca, Girl Kill Girl, bye Sarah and Saving Baixue

yup, it’s july…
Slim pickings around town as far as live music goes which kinda makes it the perfect time for new bands to emerge in the scene and fill the void left by the bigger touring names. I mean it’s not all bad, as there are some quality gigs happening but nothing qualifies as a “must see” other than the show for Bai Xue Sunday night… so, in honour of July and its slim pickings, here comes the slim slants!!!

Friday July 12

Hutong Yellow Weasels @ Modernista
They made the audience at ‘dazefeast get up and square dance for a good 30mn… good old americana and bluegrass that’s sure to give you a little twinkle in the eyes. Also, we bid goodbye to vocalist Sarah Peel who’s headed to warmer, less-poluted location down south. Come by for a little absinthe, some good old redneck music and fun times.

Jamafreeca @ Yugong Yishan
Give the African continent some love with the Ultimate Band Crew’s newest live music event, JamAfreeca. Dance all night to the dancehall sounds of UBC, as well as reggae from Long Jin and DJ Kel, as well as DJ & MC crews Outt & Baddly and Twice Groovy & Project4. Special guests The Tribal Zulu round out the lineup. get dancing y’all… one love.. you know how it goes!

Saturday July 13

Girl Kill Girl & thruoutin @ 2 Kolegas
Out of all the bands that could play 2K, these are two of the most unlikely ones but what the hell… I’d go for thruoutin because i’m overdue to catch Brad play again. As far as GKG goes, i don’t know man… Beijing needs a queen bitch of Rock n Roll but Gia has shouted wolf one time too many. could be like a car crash: you know it’s bad but you can’t get your eyes away from it.

Fei Ma Album Launch @ XP
The new record, ‘Half City’, gets unleashed saturday in Beijing. These Shanghai kids are getting some decent reviews and feedback so why not give them a chance? make up your own mind by checking out their bandcamp for the new album

Sunday July 14th

SUnday Night at Yugong Yishan... support Bai Xue.

SUnday Night at Yugong Yishan… support Bai Xue.

Save Bai Xue @ Yugong Yishan
regardless of what’s happening in town, get on over to Yugong Yishan and help save Bai Xue. All the good folks will be there to support, all the good bands will be there to support and so should you.

a lot more gigs happening all around town but these are just the ones that peeked my interest. Hopefully, you’ll get out there and get rocked!

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1 Response

  1. ruby says:

    Second for Feima album launch on Saturday!
    I’ve been listening to their bandcamp for awhile now and really digging it. One of the great Chinese bands making waves down there in Shanghai … but I’ve heard they’re taking a break soon as their singer/guitarists is heading overseas to study.
    So, BJers this may be your only chance to see them, and also a good opportunity to come out an support Shanghai bands making the trek up north to play for us!