News to Ooze: Some interesting new music by Purple Hell, Tribe, Discord etc..

slow live season right now with all the big names travelling around the festivals.. so finally it’s time to sit back and listen to all the records that have been landing in my lap for a while. And there will be plenty of reviews of them coming up as well.

Randy Abel Stable: Stable Condition
Released at ‘dazeFEAST 2013, this little old school americana record is bound to make some noise considering how much push it’s getting and the band’s marketing savvy. Stay tuned for a review coming up sooner than later! The record is available for sale on itunes and all the major usual suspects plus you should be able to get a copy or two and the band’s next gig, whenever that is.
I’ll try and have a little roundup later of where you might be able to find it in Beijing.

The Tribe: Wind in the Sky
A new lineup, a new style, a new voice… The Tribe, aka 部落乐队 (bu luo) put out their latest effort earlier this year. I’m kinda not sure what to think about it.. much in the same way that i can’t figure out Ma Tiao. However, in this case, this is something i can listen to and i don’t have any complaints about their live performance once the singer warms up.
Take “Wind in the Sky” for a spin on their douban:
or buy it on Taobao:

Discord: Breakaway

Another Beijing Punk band that’s been around for a while and is getting their second record out. Funny enough, they call themselves punk but it’s good old hard rock if you ask me… THe new record, which you can sample over on their douban, really reminds me of good old daze favourites, The Unsafe. Breakaway is set to drop this saturday at school when Discord gets some help from Misandao and Steely Heart amongst others

Listen to Breakaway on Douban:

Black Panther: Who We Are
I posted a while back about the documentary Black Panther (黑豹) made for their 25th year anniversary along with a new record and new singer. Well, the new record landed and I’ve been taking it for a few spins. It’s surprisingly good and definitely modern.
I’m not a fan of every song but there are some solid numbers on there and the band is sounding good. Go listen to it or buy it and expect a full review soon.
Listen to the album on Xiami:

Purple Hell (紫冥)
Man.. i like me some heavy shit every so often! and Purple Hell, as young as they are, do some decent heavy shit with.. take this… a frontwoman! there aren’t many metal bands with female singers and especially not in China but this is one of the good exceptions. Don’t expect Lacuna Coil or Nigthwish yet as the vocals on the record are definitely better than live but just give them some time..
take the new EP for a spin over on their douban:

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5 Responses

  1. Randy Abel says:

    For the record (pun intended), the Stable’s next show will be the official album release event at Jianghu on Saturday, 31 August. Lookin forward to it!

  2. Peter says:

    We (The Stable) has already had the Official Album Release. That, as you know, was at dazeFEAST 2013. This is a celebration of the album as part of our Stable Condition Summer Tour

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    Quoting Guns n Roses: what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…. lol

    • Randy Abel says:

      Indeed…looks like we know who ain’t got the marketing savvy in the band. I’ll stick to my on-stage spastic noisemaking from now on. Duì bù qì, gē mén.