P.K 14: 1984 about to be unleashed

I must admit i slacked on this but as the preview tracks are blasting through my earphones, i feel like i must issue a general warning that P.K 14 has a new record completed: 1984

P.K.14_1984_Album Cover_Web
and it’s pretty darn good!!!

It’s been 5 years since the band’s last release and i’m loving the new songs so far! The album was done with one of their musical idols, Steve Albini, who engineered the album, and producer Henrik Oja, a long-time PKollaborater. Expect 1984 to be unleashed in August with a nationwide tour to follow. Beijing will be able to get a taste of it on October 1st at Yugong Yishan.

I’m looking forward to getting the whole thing and checking out the lyrics for this baby.

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