Snoop Drop: The D-0-G-g is Headed to Beijing Maybe

funny things happen when you’re hanging out in social media… people put all kinds of weird stuff up there and sometimes, it’s actually useful. Like this little piece of info that crossed my path.


So, what we’re looking at is an invitation letter accepted and signed by Calvin Broadus, Jr. who you might know as Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion depending on how well you’ve kept up with the news. And by the looks of it, the doggfather might be headed down to old smoggy. I believe that the he read reports about the chronic pollution over here which prompted his decision to fly over….

Anyways, this is supposedly for december at the Mastercard Arena in Beijing but nothing is sure yet.. that said, he’s one of the few rappers i do enjoy so if it turns out to be true, i’m gonna grow me some dreadlocks, get my hoodie out and go drop it like it’s hot on the west side of town