Quickslants: Pet Shop Boys, Japandroids, Punk Festival and more musical action

I think i’ve recovered from having my mind blown away by Cirque du Soleil and Metallica the same week. It was pure awesome and i just had to enjoy the moment as much as possible before getting back into ‘daze mode. Just in time i might say as there are some worthwhile gigs taking place over the next couple of days. Heck, even thursday is looking pretty darn good.
From big international names to little under the radar local festivals, Let’s see what’s in store, shall we?

Thursday August 22nd

Pet Shop Boys @ Master Card Arena
yeah, a bit late to write about it now but the reviews from the Shanghai gig are pretty solid and there seems to be plenty of tickets left. So if you’re into the electro circus stuff, head on over to the mastercard arena and enjoy what the British Electro Pop duo has to offer. It should be good!

The Confectionaires @ Jianghu
Sweet sounds of ukulele and angelic voices to entertain you on this Thursday night. The combo of Lulu and Kate is a winning and charming one!
Perfect for that intimate setting.

Friday August 23rd

Japandroids @ Mao
This Canadian duo, who i admittedly never heard off, sounds pretty good. Raw energy, drums and guitar, screams, shouts, cool lyrics and just overall worth a trip to gulou. As if they were not good enough, SUBS and Yangtiao will be on hand to take care of opening duties.
This might be the sleeper gig of the weekend.

New Sounds @ 2 Kolegas
BUyer beware, 2K is very unreliable in August and lineup very much subject to change. That said, as it is advertised, we got Residence A, 16 min as well as a new band i haven’t heard yet: Mama’s Mud. cool name! it’s definitely a different vide but a worthwhile lineup for a chilled friday.

Saturday August 24th

PUNK Fest @ 2 KOlegas:
well, a gazillion bands, skinheads, bootboys, mohawks, dr. Marten boots, noodles, vintage fair and more. Do you need extra reasons to convince you that this is the place to be on Saturday? It’s always fun, unpretentious, DIY and just a good time. I’m happy they moved this away from Mao because you just couldn’t move in there. At least, at 2K, there’s the outdoors space. Here’s the namedropping session: Early Bus, Hell City, Discord, Gum Bleed, Misandao, Rolling Bowling, Subs, Soju Legion, Ouch, The Autocratics, Trash Cats and The Diders. What more would you want? action starts around 4:00 pm

Sunday August 25th

Jurat @ Jianghu
New sound, new style and new band… this dude is like a chameleon always reinventing himself. I do think that one of these days, he will get credit for being original and innovative. Until then, you get to catch him in low key settings.

A couple of other events that bare noting:

2013 Fun Music Festival
probably the least covered music festival in the history of Beijing. Granted, the lineup is less than stellar for those prices but with the promise of great weather, this might definitely be worth a look if you feel like going out to the country side. Fangs, Marie Madeleine, Pet Conspiracy etc..
When: Aug 23-25, 14:00
Where: Wanmu Binhe Park, Fangshan District, Beijing 北京市房山区长阳镇万亩滨河公园
Price: 100 RMB/advance ticket price for one day; 150 RMB/door price per day
Tickets: http://www.t3.com.cn/ticket_-2392918843632324610.html
Getting there: Take the Fangshan line to Changyang station (长阳站)


When: Saturday, August 24, 2 pm
Entry fee: 150 RMB per team, includes 2 beers minimum + goodie bag (each participant will get a 100-RMB voucher from Sherpa’s) + possible prizes
Team limit: 1 or 2 people (entry fee the same either way)
All proceeds go to Magic Hospital

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