New Music Galore.. Illness Sickness, Residence A, 2nd Hand Rose, 16mn and more

man, it’s been quiet for a little while but it seems like all of a sudden, the whole freaking music scene has woken up from a long ass coma and everything is pouring in. I can’t even keep up with all the new music i got lately.
Expect a bunch of reviews to start hitting the blog sooner than later but in the meantime, here is some of it:


Second Hand Rose – 《一枝独秀》Stealing the show
I’ve taken it for a few spins and i’m really digging this so far. Expect a little review as soon as i’ve had time to work my way through the lyrics.

Illness Sickness – Untitled EP
They stole the show during dazefeast 2013 and everyone was demanding their record… which they didn’t have 🙁
well, the EP is out and the sound is phenomenal. I’ll keep you updated on release info and other matters.

Residence A- This Generation’s Love
I just caught them last week at 2 K and while it wasn’t their best show ever, the new EP definitely redeems them. One song is a little off but the other 4 are basically Residence A as i’ve grown to love them

16mn – Untitled Ep
well.. i think the EP is untitled. I got an early look at it and i’m still trying to figure out what happened there. They’re now a duo and sound nothing like the band i discovered a last year. I’m giving this one some time.

a few more records in the pipeline i have yet to give a full listen to at 1984 by PK14, Jacky Danny EP which i’ve had for a little while already and the new CMCB record. Another surprise is that Devils at the Crossroad decided to have one last hurray with Joris and are currently in the studio laying tracks.
I love me some new records when i can get them

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