Quickslants: New CD Release Galore this weekend

ok.. i just don’t remember a single other month over the past few years that saw so many new CD release parties. Seriously! but who am i to complain about new music? i actually find myself needing a little new material so i expect a few new additions to my itunes within the next 48 hours. Let’s see what’s cooking starting tonight:

Friday October 11

Rock October @ Mako:
A slew of cool mid-range bands that should be able to put on a show. It might not look like it but this could be the sleeper hit of the night. And i don’t mean the audience snoozing away! Me Too, Jurat, The Great Plain and Incisor (or maybe Missy and the 4 guns, i saw conflicting ads) will be on hand in shuangjing to provide you with a variety of Rock tunes.

Wu Hongfei @ Jianhu
The ever talented and volatile Wu Hongfei has a CD to bring out along with the Dong Minority Chorus. I wish i had more information about it but for now, you just know it’s those two. No word as to whether Happy Avenue is on board for this one but jianghu is a good place for that sound. lighthearted minority harmonies will be available in ample quantities.

Saturday October 12

Low Wormwood Album Release @ Mako
yup.. Mako twice in a row. They’re making some noise folks! Saturday night, the Lanzhou folksters will unveil their latest work on us. According to my information, even the records company had no idea. Either ways, these folks are solid gold and know how to put on a show. PRobably the gig of the weekend if i had to pick one.

Casino Demon Album Release @ Mao
Yup.. that makes it number 3. The Joyside tree has many branches but none as active as there guys: THey make videos, they keep recording new songs, they got a bar and they have fun. It’s rock.. simple and honest rock by veterans musicians who have been around for a while. Expect a lot of yangjing and ton of people sitting on the streets in front of Mao Live.

OOC at Temple
A rare rare rare appearance by one of my favorite young bands on the scene.. i say young because they’ve been around for ages so that’s their age. Straight up hard rock, great musical chops, good frontman and … a guitar player that’s good enough to take over for Zhang Wei in Buyi. What not to like?

Sunday October 13

The Daily Prophet @ Yugong Yishan
these world music troubadours are starting to make more noise in the city and would be a great little way to finish off a little weekend.

things to look forward to over the next few weeks:

– Lidong new Video release show
– IZ New record release show
– Buyi New record release show
– Devils at the Crossroad new record
– Hanggai new record….

how about them october apples.

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