Love in Rock n Roll Years: All Star MV and Gig

been awfully quiet around here while i was jetting around North Africa but we’re kickstarting the year of the horse with a goodie: An all star MV featuring the likes of CMCB, Face, Ordnance, 天堂乐队 just to name a few.

Written by 天堂乐队’s front man, these little gem, titled 生日快乐歌, is celebration of the 5th Rock n Roll Spring Fest celebration. The lyrics are plain and simple but hit where it matters with lines like: Can’t guarantee you clean air, can’t guarantee you clean water, can’t guarantee you safe food etc… The parallels between raising a child and raising rock n roll, right?
Call me sentimental but i do like it when musicians take a stand..

Anyways, Feb 14, 2014 at Tango, join all the bands for a kick ass all star jam. I’ll see you in the pit!! More information and tickets here

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