Second Hand Rose Shows They’re a First Rate Act With their Friends at a Packed Mako

it was a good week to be back in the mix of live music, really! Every so often i can get jaded but last saturday was old school good fun as Second Hand Rose and at least 1600 folks at Mako.

It was Rock n roll Excess!
They shook the cops off Mako!
They brought on the music..
They are Second Hand Rose.


Yeah, Sardines ain’t got nothing on it and i’m sure they get more space in a can that any of the concert goes did last Saturday but if anything, that’s a good sign for Second Hand Rose and their return to the first grade.

夜深了 with “Fade to Black” intro

The gig was really not advertised that much, especially compared to their gongti extravaganza, the DVD of which was being released. Still, when you’re having pretty much every star of the the underground come out and sing with you from Hao Yun to XTX, things will get packed and boy did they.

To be fair, I missed most of the show as i couldn’t be bothered to be so uncomfortable with bodies spilling out of the gates at Mako. I did though finally come down for the last 4 songs including the encore which saw XTX play his song with the band to a rousing ovation from the crowd that was there.

See the explosion for yourselves: XTX and Second Hand Rose for 是谁把我带到这里

I can’t really understand how people will put themselves in such a situation and can’t rant about the potential dangers of such a crowd ad-nauseum: Fire hazard, extreme heat, trampling and the list goes on. I won’t though.. those are pretty obvious at this point and people oughta know what they’re getting themselves into. Let’s put it in these terms: it was so packed the security that showed up felt it safer NOT to stop the show.

What I’m more interested in taking from this show is how Second Hand Rose did claw their way back to the top making themselves relevant again. A few years back, at their 10th year anniversary gig at Tango, not even 1000 people showed up. Within 3 years, they’ve headlined the worker’s Gym and managed to get 1600 people to buy tickets for a gig at Mako.


To their credit, the band pulled all the stops off and made it so that anyone that paid got more than their bargained for. That was a Festival like lineup jammed into 3 hours.

That is some impressive shit y’all. and oh yeah, they can still teach the young guns a thing or two about rock n roll and making good music.

This gig was to celebrate the release of the DVD for the Gongti show… Now i want a release for a DVD of this show!!

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