Punk You Beijing: 4 Days Spring Extravaganza

To say that the punk scene in Beijing is active is an understatement… The kids that make it up, under the leadership of Misandao, are always present on the city’s listings for live gigs and they keep representing. It used to be that to see the punks, the only regular venue was the Old What bar. However, with School rebranding themselves as a live house last year, it’s become their unofficial new home. And starting tonight, School is home to a 4 day punk extravaganza bringing together skinheads, skaheads, skater heads and any other head that can handle a little moshpit, some sweat and maximum 3 chords in a song!


This is really the kinda DIY attitude that i love about Beijing’s music scene and that we don’t see much of lately. The way i see it, it’s an opportunity for the bands to meet each other, develop some connection and also act as a measuring stick for talent. I remember 2 years ago when a punk band from Changsha (Last Choice) just rocked the shit out of Mao live house.

The Last Choice - Rocking Mao in 2011

The Last Choice – Rocking Mao in 2011

Other than Misandao, most of the big names are not involved unfortunately but that’s the curse of the punk scene as I was reminded in a constructive Facebook exchange just recently. Still, there is enough talent gathered here to give us a fun 4 nights in the capital.

Do yourself a favour and get the 4 day pass for 150RMB folks.. when you consider the number of bands playing, that’s less that 10 kuai per head.

Thursday April 10th 9pm – Free

The Krane
Li Shi
Free Sex Shop
Life Test

Friday April 11th 8:30pm – 60 RMB

The Flyx
Pumpkins (Xinxiang)

The Misandao Punks.. with capital T

The Misandao Punks.. with capital T

Saturday April 12th 4:00pm – 80 RMB

The Hangover (Tianjin)
Three Kings (Taiyuan)
Hell City
The Bricks (Hangzhou)
Sucker (Xi’an)

Sunday April 13th 4:00pm – 80 RMB

Joking Tasty
The Reason
Rolling Bowling
Gum Bleed
The Diders
Larry’s Pizza
Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede

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