June 14: ‘dazeFEAST goes head to head with Justin Timberlake

yes folks.. a double announcement in 1 post!

June 14th 2014 will be a day to behold: the last edition of ‘dazeFEAST goes toe to toe with Justin Timberlake playing Beijing. Contrary to the rumours, he will not be taking the stage at 2 Kolegas. We fear for his safety when J-curls is around. Instead, Justin will be playing the Bird’s Nest alongside Leehom Wang.


More details on both will be forthcoming.

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1 Response

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Badr, this is Tim from a local band called Nakoma. I was wondering if you are still looking to fill the lineup for the upcoming dazefeast.

    We would love to be part of the day.