Genghis Calling: Horde Yourself to the Hanggai Music Festival

There are people that talk the talk and then there are those that don’t talk much but actually do the walking. Ilchi, Hanggai’s leader and the brain behind the Hanggai music festival in one of those.
This man has an undeniable taste for good stuff. He’s moved from this punk kid infatuated with heavy metal to being one of the leaders for the preservation and promotion of the Mongolian culture both in the Mainland and outside of it.
He’s also made it a mission to bring great artists to China and has done so for the past few years through the Hanggai Music Festival, happening this coming weekend, at 2 Kolegas.

The festival has moved from the cavernous Mako into the care-free lawns at the drive-in. It is quite a different surrounding but somehow, it seems more fitting for a festival whose namesake conjures images of open prairies and grass.

So, why should anybody care? Well, if you’ve been to the previous 3 editions, you know the answer and i’ll see your over the weekend. If you’re looking for answers, well let me tell you sonny boy/girl.

This is a festival for musicians, really! The talent pool that makes it over to Beijing for the Hanggai festival is handpicked and quite unique. Bands that believe in what they are doing and have the talent to pull it off.

This year’s crop:

La Pegatina: One hell of a fun crew from Catalonia. Think about Manu Chao with all the fun and none of the hassle. A party band that will keep you dancing and begging for more! On their last trip to Beijing, they raised the roof at Mako with their engagement and stood their own onstage with Hanggai doing a bilingual version of the Drinking Song. The fun-meter was through the roof

Turtle Island: I must admit i had no idea what to expect when these birds showed up last year. This time around, i’m prepared to not miss a single second of their performance. I have no idea how many band members are making the trip because there’s up to 20 of them but it’s a percussion orgasm, samurai rock n roll with the beats of hell.

Jiu Bao: aka nine treasures and probably one of the most exciting bands to come out of China over the past 4 years. These kids are just amazing and genuine! Need proof? they won the wacken battle of the band-china leg, to represent the mainland in Germany last year alongside Spring Autumn and Suffocated.

Miao: remember me being blown away a while back and raving about it for a while? yeah, that was Miao and they’re pretty darn amazing. now, disclaimer, not sure who’s the front person this time around but musicianship? triple check y’all.

Not to take anything away from the other bands who are all amazing on their own rights with the likes of Ajinai, Djan San folk trio, Randy Abel Stable and others… we’re all gonna have fun.

Last but not least, there is of course Hanggai: It they’re ever expected to pull out the big guns and represent like never before, it’s at their own goddamn festival. I expect them to be in top form and I expect nothing but mind-blowing performances.

Here is the PR info:


The 2014 Hanggai Music Festival hits 2Kolegas This Weekend (May 30-June 1)!!!

Mongolian folk rockers Hanggai – whose songs conjure up images ranging from drunken debauchery deep in the grasslands, fierce herdsmen gallopping through the steppes on horseback and poetic soul-searching around an open fire outside a yurt – have become one of China’s most celebrated and sought-after bands. With numerous world tours under their belt and showered with accolades from near and far, Hanggai have become both musicians and promoters of world music.

This year, the fourth edition of the Hanggai Music Festival takes place at 2Kolegas, with 15 top acts performing both indoors and outdoors over three days. As reflected in the festival’s theme, “Tradition, Crossover, Fusion”, this year’s event will feature a variety of musical genres, from world music to new folk to rock.

Tickets cost 100 RMB/1 day pre-sale; 130 RMB/1 day on door; or 260 RMB/3 day pass (only available for pre-sale).

For pre-sale tickets, visit:


Friday May 30:
– La Pegatina from Spain (outdoors), 21:00-22:15
– Hanggai (indoors), 22:30-23:45

Sat May 31:
– 张思安与乐队 Djang San 18:00-18:30, (outdoors)
– 车撵坡乐队与融皮影 Che Nian Po 18:30-19:30 (indoors)
– Horse Radio 19:30-20:00, (outdoors)
– Randy abel stable 20:00-20:40, (indoors)
– 龟岛乐队(日本) Turtle Island(JP) 20:50-22:10, (outdoors)
– 祖鲁乐队 ZUUL 22:30-23:00, (indoors)
– 九宝乐队 Nine Treasures 23:20-00:05, (indoors)

Sun June 1:
– 呼和察哈尔 Hohchahar 18:00-18:40, (outdoors)
– 三川 San Chuan 18:40-19:10, (indoors)
– 梦璟 Mengjing 19:25-20:00, (indoors)
– 胡同黄鼠狼 The Hutong Yellow Weasels 20:00-21:00, (outdoors)
– 阿基耐 AJINAI 21:10-22:25, (indoors)
– 妙乐队 Miao 23:00-00:15, (indoors)

And I expect you at 2 Kolegas at least on some of those 3 days.

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  1. ida says:

    Looking forward to your further coverage. I will be at an alumni reunion, but this looks way more fun. Btw, surely “horde” yourself is a Google translate issue? Hurry yourself or get yourself?