Brain Failure: The Saga Continues with Goodbye Utopia

Although the Chinese inter webs has been talking about this for a while, the bad weird news concerning Brain Failure didn’t make it into the English side of things save for a Facebook discussion a while back. There’s a lot of respect and emotions involved in this one folks and we’re gonna stay out of it. The bottom line is that Xiao Rong is no longer part of the band he helped found over a decade ago.

I’ve purposefully kept this off the blog until now but as time goes by, it’s now a reality and we just gotta deal with it.
The band continues as a trio with a promise that no one else other than Xiao Rong could join and that DD will be on vocals, accompanied by Bassist Xiao Feng and Drummer Xu Lin.

As part of the cleansing process, a new single was recorded and a nationwide tour is planned.

I’m really not sure how i feel about this, especially with the circumstances surrounding the split. In the meantime, here is a taste of the trio and the dates for the upcoming Goodbye Utopia tour.

9-4 (Thursday) Zhengzhou

9-5 (Friday) Wuhan

9-6 (Saturday) Changsha

9-7 (Sunday) Guangzhou

9-9 (Tuesday) Xiamen

9-10 (Wednesday) Fuzhou

9-12 (Friday) Hangzhou

9-13 (Saturday) Nanjing

9-14 (Sunday) Shanghai

9-19 (Friday) Tianjin

9-20 (Saturday) Shenyang

You can get pre-sale tickets over at

I’m missing those leopard spots already.

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