Brain Failure brings it home on a weird underwhelming night at Tango

Man i was looking forward to Friday night at Tango.. how could i not? Return of Jacky Danny with a new lineup, Dude premiering their new guitar player and Brain Failure fresh off their nationwide tour with a bunch of new songs.. oh yeah, there was also Sleepless and Convenience Store….

While originally scheduled to kick off at 8:30, the show had something rare in Beijing: It actually started EARLIER than the scheduled time… WTF? by the time Ruby and I made it there a little past 9, Dude, the 3rd band on the bill, was already on!! It pretty much almost ruined the night for me! Still, Dude’s set was alright and the new guitar player seems to fit in nicely… as far as the 3 or 4 songs i got to see were.

Convenience Store was up next much to my and Ruby’s dismay given that neither of us is a fan. I gotta give it to these kids, they are solid musicians and have their shit together! They know how to work a crowd, balance song rhythms between fast and slow pop-rock, get sing-alongs etc… They ARE professionals.. I just don’t really give a shit about their music as it almost bores me to death.. and they played for freaking ever! I’m tempting to say they might have played even longer than the headliners.

at that point in the evening, my main thought was: “did i pay 100 rmb for this shit? I’m giving Brain Failure 3 songs and getting the hell out”

well, by the time Brain Failure got on and started doing their thing, all was forgotten and I was more than happy to be in the middle of the mosh pit at Tango along with the most stagedive-inclined audience I’ve ever seen. I swear they were jumping off that barrier at the rate of 1 person per minute. I’m really liking this more mature and solid version of Brain Failure. They’ve been around the block a few times, slightly wiser and that much better! No one really explained to them that Punk bands don’t do guitar solos and don’t play more than 3 chords, especially on Bass…. heck, for the uninitiated, they sound more like a hard rock band if anything.

Dee Dee’s playing and Xiao Rong’s singing are alright for what they are but Yu Feng’s bass playing is heavily underrated… and oh yeah, that Rickenbacker he plays is sweeeet!
I couldn’t stay pissed off too much while in the middle of such infectious enthusiasm and just decided to have fun with it all regardless of anything else… by the way, anyone ever notice a little side taste of Green Day in their tunes?
The place went wild for the classics like “Coming down to Beijing” or “Fu**ing Disco” and even some of the new songs ( maybe called “1 shot“?) they salvaged the night!

I’m gonna have to figure out who organized that disaster, with timing of the bands and all, just so that I can personally avoid them in the future.

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  1. Craig says:

    “side taste of Green Day”
    if that is the case then they must have changed since last i saw them (perhaps 2 years ago). i’ve heard their older albums, and seen them live several times, and they are skilled, but at the end of the day the ripped of Rancid so hard that it was impossible for me to write it off as “inspiration”.