Quickslants: Mantas Release, D22’s Last Stand, Ningxia Returns and more

damn damn damn… another year goes down, another calendar thrown out, a few more gray hairs and it’s the end of 2011 folks! Let’s see it go down in flames. Last year, the lineups for NYE shows were mighty impressive and it was pretty darn hard to pick one. This time around, it’s a bit less mind blowing but nevertheless solid… The big big big event is of course what is being advertised as The Last Big Shows at D-22 with their prodigal children sending the place off with the right fireworks…. so, let’s see what we got!

Thursday Dec 29th:

I don’t Rock @ Mao:
This is actually called “I don’t rock but I’m truthing” which makes me wanna throw a bunch of jokes in there regarding the musical ability of some bands on the lineup… but I won’t! Residence A is the sure highlight of the show but you also have Lazy Camels, Gray, Elenore and You Xi that could prove half decent. Either way, it’s really the only decent gig in town that I am aware of.

Friday Dec 30th:

Gar, Snapline, AVO @ D-22:
One of the last two giant nights at D-22 with some interesting performances. Gar is a mysterious band that keeps us guessing with rare appearances. I’m still not 100% sold on their so-called influence but they have a decent record. Snapline is bleeh but AV Okubo is a force to be reckoned with. The wuhan kids are rarely in Beijing and worth stopping for. I’m gonna be there and so should you!

Saturday Dec 31st

Hellcats, Mantas @ 2 Kolegas:
It’s a rockabilly retro night at the drive in with Beijing favorites, DH & The Hellcats bringing the twists, shouts, swings and dance to the audience. ‘daze Friends, the Flying Mantas, are releasing a live CD the same evening so we’ll have some interesting surf rock to go along with the rockabilly. Rolling Bowling, fresh off their China tour, round up the bill!

Last Big One @ D-22:
Warning, the line outside the building might be 2 miles long for this one!! Carsick Cars, PK 14 and Ourselves Besides Me will help bring the curtain down on a beautifully inspiring era of student rock for what might be D-22’s last big show ever. The only thing that could have made it even bigger would have been to reunite Joyside and Rustic for one last time.

Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen @ Mako:
That’s one of my favorite band names from Beijing… The Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen! They’ve been around the scene for a while and they’re set to release a CD saturday night at Mako livehouse. It’s a bit far off for NYE but if you can, try to make it there! These guys have been working hard gigging around town and with the demise of BCB, they’re the only regular blues band in town.

Sunday Jan 1st:

Ningxia Night @ 2 Kolegas:
I’m not sure anyone will be recovered from NYE parties but the Ningxia boys are planning things “Hair of the Dog” style. Nucleus making a rare appearance, Buyi, WHAI and…the return of Wu & The Side Effects with a new drummer following Mo’s departure…. How is that? There’s a few rumors around about guest appearances that might surprise a few people so all I’m gonna say is be there!

Happy Avenue @ Mako
Wu Hongfei‘s last gig at Yugong Yishan got cancelled on account of ahem…ahem.. power problems they said. Anyways, she’s one hell of a performer with a beautiful voice and hopefully the Mako gig will stay under the radar. She just has that type of voice and smile that can pierce through one’s heart… good option before hitting the Ningxia night.

See you next year!!

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