Quickslants: Russian Claptomania, Amazing Miao, Kurt Remembered and Reflector

I’m not sure how the week went by but it’s already Thursday and I’m not sure i’ve recovered from the onslaught of Sex in the Xity over the past few days. Still, as the weekend nears, time to check out what’s gonna keep me busy and entertained. It’s deceivingly quiet but there are some interesting little gems happening here and there. Let’s dive into it!

Thursday April 5th

Nirvana Tribute @ Temple
Devils at the Crossroad and Rolling Bolling are on hand to pay tribute to late Kurt Cobain. It’s already been 18 years since we lost this iconic figure who went on to represent a generation’s angst much against his own desires. I’m amazed at how far reaching his influence is in China with tons of books written about him and even more bands copying Nirvana. This should be a fun opportunity to bring out the converse, striped T-shirts, geek glasses and sing with some marbles in your mouth.

Friday April 6th

King Lychee @ Mao Live
Hong Kong’s reigning kings of hardcore are finally in the capital in support of their latest record. These guys are as legit as it gets with shoutouts from none other than Biohazard when they played intercity festival last year. Return the Truth, who put on one hell of a show last time i saw them, and XitneverhappenedX will be in charge of the opening bill. I’m looking forward to this puppy folks and might come out really bruised from it. Brutal I predict.

Bad Mamasan/Devils at the Crossroads @ 2Kolegas:
This is where i really wanna be.. a good hard rocking night with some of my favorite bands in Beijing at my favorite venue. Flaming Heat is also on the bill along with one of the capital’s youngest rocking acts: The Intrepid Adventures. This one is sure to go on til the wee hours of the morning in terms of fun and music! I wouldn’t make any plans for Saturday morning if i were you.

The Awesome Miao @ Lantern
It’s actually a party for the awesome Miao Wong held at Lantern. This is a huge cool little thing in support of someone who’s done their share to support music/arts in Beijing, albeit the electronic kind. Definitely worth a stop and a mingle. See yesterday’s post

Saturday April 7th:

Reflector @ Tango:
Punksters Reflector are back in town for they usual extravaganza at Tango. Last time they were here, the whole stage got newspapered and the kids loved it. These guys are for me the equivalent of Green Day in China. This comparison is not musical as much as it is due to their attitude and general character. These kids are more rock n roll than most Metal bands in my book as they talk the talk, walk the walk and will even sing a decent cover of “you are my sunshine” to piss on the world and please their fans.

D-Black @ Mako Livehouse
ok.. What are the odds of seeing a Russian Claption tribute band? Now what are the odds of seeing this tribute band in Beijing? yeah…that’s what I’m saying. This is so freaking bizarre that it’s almost worth a look and a listen, especially on saturday. By then, the reports from their Mao Live show on thursday would be out already! Unless I’m mistaken, Wu and the Side-Effects will be taking care of the opening duties.

Stable/Ajinai @ Yugong Yishan
The hard working folks from the Randy Abel Stable, fresh from releasing their first single, are teaming up again with Mongolian throat-singing wonderer, Ajinai. Last time these two shared a bill, only half of the stable was around. This time, they’re adding themselves an extra player as if to make up for it. Expect both bands to cooperate on a bunch of numbers towards the end of the night.

Sunday April 8th

Cobain tribute @ Mao Live
a Mystery band will be in charge of playing pretty much Nirvana’s whole catalog sunday night at Mao live. This is one hell of a gamble from the organizers to put together a tribute show on a sunday without announcing the bands and asking decent money for it. I guess the buzz works since I’m writing about it but will i actually go and pay? doubtful..

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  1. SQ - The Intrepid Adventurers says:

    Thanks for the mention – we’re looking forward to our first gig at what I consider my “hometown” bar. And we’re really happy to be playing with such awesome bands 🙂