Quickslants: Women’s Day, Jue, Punks and Japanese Noise

A bit of a late quickslants edition but as they say, better late than never. A whole lotta things going on for the weekend and even early next week so let’s get right into it starting with all the women’s day festivities around town:

ember swift

Fri March 8

Women’s Day @ 2 KOlegas
Residence A, Wu and the Side Effects allong with some ROlling Bowling rockabilly will be providing the entertainment over at the drive in. I believe women get in for free and the gig is very much worth it. It might actually be quite hopping and crowded but in 2 KOlegas Fashion, it’s all good. Not a bad start to a Friday

Ember Swift @ Temple
Well Well Well… my favourite Rock n roll mama hits up temple and who better to lead Women’s Day festivities than her? I’m not sure if it’s her solo or with the full band but it will be good either ways. Guo Jian, LSD frontman, will be DJing afterwards.

Sat March 9th

Mars En Folie @ Yugong Yishan
a celebration of all things francophone over at Yugong brings together an eclectic mix of musicians and lot of French folks if you’re into that sort of things. They usually party hard and you’re gonna be in it for a good time. so, why not “Laisser les bon temps rouler”. Some of the acts include Kl Pelgag, Benjamin Schoos & Sophie Galet, Les Mauvaises Langues and Junior Tshaka… who?? yeah..

Nostalgia @ School
Two of my favourite young bands around hit wudaoying for a dose of emo rock n roll… yes, i’m recommending emo and it’s not all that band. I’ve spoken at lengths about Twinkle Star whom i adore.. worth going in for their cool liveshows. Steely Heart seems to be slwoly coming back to their former bored-rocker selves and that’s a good thing in my book. Two other bands on the bill but i can’t say i know much about them at the moment.

Djan San @ JIanghu
THe mad frenchman is holding an release party for 4 records at the same time as he reminded me yesterday. I’m sure there’s gonna be a fair bit of experimentation going on along with some interesting takes on old classics. By now, if you haven’t heard his take on Caravan, you’ve been missing out.

Sun March 10th

Punks @ Mao
Misandao leads a punk legion over to gulou for one solid sunday night of moshing. They’re getting help from Gumbleed, Discord and Hell City just to name a few. Mao is really stepping up their game on sundays with some pretty good gigs as of late. It’s good to see them planning smart.

Noise @ 2 Kolegas
I don’t know how else to explain this: Kawabata Makoto comes back to the drive in with his experimental style and gets some help from other Beijing noise makers. I ordinarily would shy away from anything like this but I’ve got it from good authority that the guy freaking rocks, at least when he is flanked with his Japanese collective “acid mothers temple”

THere u go y’all.. happy rocking

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