Quickslants: Lidong, Yunggiema, Not There, Reggae and more

Gee… 3 days of non-stop music are over and we’re back to regular rotation before we go unto another onslaught of tunes. So in case the festivals didn’t do you in, here are some goodies you can look forward to over the next 3 days. Of course, don’t forget the CD BLues festival that I mentioned earlier


Friday May 3:

Lidong @ JIanghu
we all know my addition/affection for all things Ningxia, right? well, good buddies Lidong are coming out to the hutongs for one of their last shows for a few months. beautiful modern northwestern folk from the Ningxia plains that will keep you on your seat. Jianghu is probably the best place for them to pull this off… with the nice weather, might as well hit it.

Yunggiema @ Mako
One of my favorite female vocalists running around all smoggy. She’s got a new performance out and it’s apparently quite different from the stuff she’s been doing with Song Yun Zhe so i’m really excited about this one. It does seems like she’s playing every other day lately but i’m pretty much convinced that there is no such thing as too much Yunggiema. I mean there is a good reason she’s nicknamed the Siren. By the way, Mako is reopening their upstairs restaurant tonight with some pretty tasty xinjiang food so in case you got a bit of a hunger, this will take care of it.

Saturday May 4

One Drop @ 2 Kolegas
yup, the reggae boys are back as the weather improves and that’s always a good thing. plenty of grass to roam on, good vibes, a little dancing and 2 Kolegas during the summer. Can we ask for more?

Residence A @ Mao Live
A nice little old school indie gig over at Mao live with all the already-there/upcoming starts of the underground world: Residence A, Steely Heart and Pacalolo are joined by Platanus and Caffein. Judging by the speed at Which all of this is moving, you might be getting a preview of next year’s MIDI.

Not There @ Temple
the funkydelic noisemakers are hitting Temple for a free gig and ready to unleash new material. I still don’t expect lyrics from them but one might be able to keep dreaming. Hey, it’s a free gig…

Sunday May 5:

Get a break man..

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