Quickslants: No Dong, Some Punk, a Little Ordnance and more

the big expected gig of the week would have been the Dongpai Folk Festival at 2 KOlegas but if you’re read the site yesterday, you know that it is pretty much dead in the water. I got to hear various versions/reasons for the cancellation but none of them really makes sense at this point. Either ways, it’s fucked! Still, there’s a number of cool little gigs around town starting tonight. Let’s see what the consolation prizes are:


Thursday May 9:

Coprocephalic @ 2 Kolegas
Death Metal from California/Taipei… that’s how these kids are being labeled and it sounds intriguing enough. In pure 2K tradition, we know nothing about the gig or the band other than they’ve been around since 2011. Options are scarce enough that this makes an appearance on the slants for a thursday.

Punk @ XP:
Discord along with Flyx, Brother Tough and Found Amber are headed to the west side of town for a mohawk night at XP. Nothing out of this world but surely a decent enough option for those craving a little 2 to 3 chord action with badly tuned instruments but fun nevertheless.

Friday May 10:

The Randy Abel Stable/Shun Kikuta @ CD Blues
Probably the best show from this series of Blues Festival when Beijing’s resident Americana hellraisers pair up with one of Japan’s more prolific guitar players for a night of good mellow tunes. If you were looking for an excuse to head over there, this is the best night. Just remember to get your liquid refreshments before and after the gig.. otherwise, that wallet of yours will get a lot lighter.

Askar/Grey Wolf @ Jianghu
one of the more eminent and influential Xinjiang musicians comes down to jianghu for a night of reminiscence and good old tunes. I got to catch him for the first time earlier this year at the Benefit show organized by He Yong and was mightily impressed by his style and talent. It’s definitely one of the sleeper gigs of the week

Skip Skip Ben Ben @ Mao
well, Mao needed to make an appearance somehow so why not for this album release? I’m not a fan of their style for for those of you shoegazers who are into it, it’s your must go-to gig of the week. Bedstars will be on hand to open things up and that’s really a mismatch of styles if you ask me. After Argument, Yan Haisong’s other band, is also on the bill and that makes it one of the more intriguing shows of the night. i’ve learned to appreciate his taste for music and his creativity so i’m always curious when he has a new project around.

Saturday May 11

Ska party @ 2 Kolegas
No DONG for you but you can ska all night long in the drive-in with Early Bus, Rolling Bowling, End of World ad Toy Head. I’m surprised there is a Ska arty that doesn’t involve Skarving but they have been scarce lately and maybe it’s worth checking some of the other ones in town.

Ordnance @ Club 13
They just blew the (figurative) roof off of MIDI and trust me kids, they are rocking!!! this is no pussy metal! it’s in your face, political, mean and edgy! Someone has to do it and if you can, get your ass to wudaokou this saturday for it. Famous Young, Less Daddy, Bo Dao and Mica Forced are all supporting.

Beijing Beatles @ Temple
good that they double booked the weekend. these nights tend to get sweaty, fun, smoky and with a whole lota wigs and shaking. Seriously, Temple goes bezerk whenever these cats are playing and i see no reason for this saturday to be any different.

Sunday May 12

Serpenti @ Temple
Electro rock duo hitting Beijing with a vengeance. If it’s your thing, they’re playing saturday night at Hot Cat as well but you can catch them for free at Temple on Sunday… that’s easy rocking sailor…

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