Quickslants: Longshendao, Book Swap, Zhang Yimu etc

yeah… that’s me this week!

incredibly shortslants coming up for y’all to get your fix:

Friday night, Longshendao brings the reggae down to 2 Kolegas! It’s good weather, grass, nice music and perfect for time off with friends.
saturday is a good one with the Beijing Book Swap and Board Games gang celebrating their 5th year anniversary at Brussels Bar ( 2 to 6 pm) and T.O.D.O hitting School later than night. Don’t forget Pangbianr’s 3 year anniversary that was covered yesterday.
On sunday, a ghost from the past, China’s fallen-from-grace drumming king, Zhao Yi Mu, makes a return to the scene at Jianghu.

plenty of places to find extra info if none of these fits your taste my little children of the rock n roll.

til next week.