Quickslants: Modernista Goodbye, Temple Turns 2, Chunqiu and a Heavy Weekend.

After the slimslants of last week, it’s good to have a bit more action to look forward to this weekend.
The usual suspects are all out on festivals in inner mongolia or other weird places but it’s not stopping us from having fun. Granted, most of it is on the heavy side of the spectrum…. metal up your ass baby!


Friday July 19

Beijing Thug Brothers @ Yugong Yishan
this is a bit of a deceiving name actually as there is nothing “thuggish” about the bands on the bill. I mean they are loud, heavy and fun but definitely not dangerous. Not even close. Ego Fall, Twisted Machine, Army of Jade Kirin and a few more. Expect leather, horns, heavy make, lots of attitude and some fun time.

Hardcore at School
I said it was a heavy set of slants… the Hardcore boys, being left our of the bill at YGYS, have gotten their own little heavy night going over at School with the usual suspects: Unregenerate Blood, Return the Truth, Provocation, The Last Resort, and xitneverhappenedx… it’s gonna get rowdy in wudaoying hutong.

Ska @ 2 Kolegas
For something a little more low key, head over to the drive in for some SKA courtesy of Early Bus and Toyhead. Don’t expect miracles but a nice little relaxing time with 1/2 beats and chilling on the grass over a cold one or two.

Ismat @ Hot Cat
I had to balance out the heaviness with something a bit more melodic and not metal… Ismat will bring down his guitar and flamenco rhythms to Hot Cat Club for some good tunes and maybe even a little dancing. Out of the army of Xinjianese players, he’s slowing becoming one of my favs.

Saturday July 20th

Wacken Preview @ 13 Club
Chunqiu and Nine Treasures get a warm up gig at Beijing’s mecca of Metal up there in wudaokou. Man, i gotta give it to 13 Club as they just stay in their corner of old smoggy and keep it real. This is the last chance for both bands to warm up and work out the kinks.. also the last chance to see them play Beijing for a little while.

2 Year Anniversary @ Temple
The smokiest craziest place turns 2… can you remember that there was a time when Temple didn’t exist in Gulou? yeah… now two years and still kicking. Not There will be helping with the celebrations that seem decidedly low key but that’s to be expected with both main owners out of town. Should still have the freaks out in numbers.

Mademoiselle @ Modernista
Marie-Claude and her gang will be singing the night away until the cops come in and shut the place down.. it’s basically that simple! As they get ready to close for renovations, no bottle shall be left full!. Baochang hutong is gonna swim in drunken stupidity but it will be fun. And by the way, the band/bar had the most hilarious sets of promo pictures for this one.

Sunday July 21

Marnyi Stone @ YGYS
apparently the nation’s first Tibetan rock band or so they tell me: “Making use of traditional instruments from all over China and South Asia and blending them with other world music traditions creates a unique sound”
I’ve heard a bit of it and it doesn’t sound bad… the band has been around for a little while under a different name

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  1. jtdj says:

    And free Gangzi show at Jianghu tonight! A chance to buy the man a beverage with the money you save

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