Quickslants: Embroidered Shoes, Whai, DMC Opening and other Gems

It’s summer and like i mentioned before, there ain’t much happening in town with all the bands out touring. Heck it’s so slim around here that Smart Beijing felt it would be better to talk about a festival in Ningxia… yeah.. like that! Still, some interesting little gems might be found around town! Let’s take a look, shall we?


Friday August 2

Red Embroidered Shoes @ 2 Kolegas:
yeah, i hear you! who? well, this little tiny cool little gig is put on last minute by Li Ming, one of the original members of Cold Blooded Animals. They have been around for a while albeit very much under the radar. It’s one of those gigs that are intriguing enough that it’s worth a trip to the drive-in. I have no other details to share unfortunately.

Whai @ Temple
the electro folk outfit heads back to gulou after spending a few weeks on the road playing pretty much every festival around. They’re back to Beijing and hitting Temple for what might be a sleeper hit. You know them, they will come out and rock things.

Saturday August 3

Book Swap & Board Games @ The Local
THe monthly edition of this social gathering takes place from 2 to 6 pm over at The Local. Come in, swap some books, play some board games and just have some fun with other like-minded folks.

DMC opening in Tongzhou
So the punk kids are learning the hard way: playing music is not enough, get some backup plans for revenue.
So they’ve gone ahead and opened their own little punk haven out in Tongzhou and if you have the time, please do go out and support them. It might be a bit hard to find but i can guarantee you a down low, gritty, down to earth and crazy party.
check out more information here

One Drop @ 2 Kolegas
Yeah, another 2 kolegas appearance with this weather. some good reggae, good weather, and easy going atmosphere at the drive in.
Last week, we were sweating for Shan Ren. Tomorrow won’t be much different. dancing, sweating and partying the night away.

Interpid Adventurers @ Old What
yeah, i’m being a homer. The kids rocked dazeFEASt and i’m returning some love.
They’re joined by Streets Kill Strange Animals for a cozy show on the side of the forbidden city. Actually, to be honest with ya, i just love the poster.

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