Quickslants: Of Rock, Hip Hop, Immortals, Grass and the return of good shows

man, it’s about freaking time!
I think the last two weeks in Beijing were really some of the worst ones in terms of gigs or lack thereof. No band in town, everyone touring and some placed not even bothering to put a schedule out. Well, it’s better this weekend has a decent slate of musical goodies on offer for you, my babies of the rock n roll.
So, let’s see what’s cooking!

Thursday August 8, 2013

Tank Man @ Temple:
An interesting little new band that’s been making a bit of noise already. They’ve had more lineup changes in the year they’ve been together than KISS had over the past 200 years but they play good rock apparently… of the heavy kind.

Young Guns @ Mao:
Funny College, Pisces, Black Mint, Miss Mix, Era Rebels, Lucky Kiss & Noisy Jelly… that’s a lot of new-ish bands on the list for Mao tonight and maybe a good opportunity to discover some of tomorrow’s gems while they are still rough. Era Rebels is slowly building something up and i’ve seen some of the other names around a few times. good potential sleeper hit show.

Friday August 9th, 2013

Heavy Night @ Yugong Yishan
Guitar China is staying busy these days organizing some decent little shows here and there. On Friday night, expect a good little one at YGYS with like of Ego Fall and Liquid Oxygen Can as the main draws. The other bands on the bill just didn’t peak my interest. Still, unusual to get Liquid Oxygen can away from 13 club which makes this a good one.

Casino Demon @ School
well.. as much of a homecoming as it can be.. they’re the unofficial house band at school and they can rock. If memory serves me right, they’re just getting back touring behind their new EP all over the country. Newish sensation, Mr. Chellonian, will be helping out tonight.

Saturday August 10th, 2013

Templo de Samba @ 2 Kolegas
Templo de Samba, Skarving and Mademoiselle head over to the drive in for an evening infused with drumbeats, ska and french ditties. If the weather cooperates, there isn’t a better place to be saturday night than the drive-in.

Latin Jazz @ Jianghu
Liu Ning heads over to the hutongs for a little evening of latin jazz along with his friends. He’s been around the proverbial block a few times and can name-drop with the best of them all.

Sunday August 11th, 2013

Hip Hop @ XP
what? hip hop? ‘daze, u outta your mind!!! not really. This little collection of rhyme droppers will be on hand to show if China’s answer to Eminem is ready to drop it like a bomb. OK, there goes my little cliche for the post. this Hip Hop Showdown will feature Playlord, Beijing Face, Instigator, Shishigui, EMC, Dui’er K and FreedP…. yeah, haven’t heard of them either but it could be time to give them a spin.

One thing to keep in mind is also the Cirque du Soleil, currently over at wukesong arena as part of their Michael Jackson Immortal Tour. I’ve seen some pictures of this baby and it’s awesome. If you’re an MJ fan or just actually interested in having your mind blown away, then this is for you.

Beijing Stop
When: August 8-11 (6 shows)
Where: MasterCard Center
Ticket Order: 400-610-3721, Damai.cn, Smartbeijing.com

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