MoonSlants: Residence A new EP, Wild Children Return, Yugong Turns 9….

Got some mooncakes yet? hurry hurry hurry, the ice cream ones at haggendaz outlets might be running out soon. as far as the egg-filled ones, i gracefully decline any offerings but it might be a good thing to keep one as a spare weapon… or hockey puck.
SO, with moonacake festival hitting us, and yours truly breathing again, it’s time to focus on some music. An there is quite a bit of it coming up over the next 5 days. so, let’s see what astro-projecting:


Wednesday Sept 18

Residence A @ Mao Live
Everyone’s darlings of the underground are hitting Mao live for the release of their new EP 这个时代的爱 (This Generation’s Love). I’ve been taking this baby for a spin all week and i’m loving it. It’s only 3 new songs along with 2 older ones but it works well capturing what Residence A is all about: it’s upbeat, hopping and you’re guaranteed a good dancing time with them. Tonight, Post-rock outfit, glowcurve, joins them as a supporting act.

Thursday Sept 19

Over the river – Wild Children @ Mako
For the fourth consecutive year Wild Children will come together for a Mid-Autumn concert. This year Zhang Quan, Zhang Weiwei and Guo Long will also perform their solo work. As far as must-see gigs, this one ranks pretty high as you don’t get to see Wild Children that often. Head on to Mako and see what inspired generations of new musicians. You weren’t there 15 years ago, but you can be there now.

Friday Sept 20

Nanwu @ School
I haven’t had a chance to catch Nanwu in what seems like forever. Remember a few years ago when they were the Residence A of their time? As far as I know, they ain’t changed and they can still put on one hell of a show. Unfortunately, i’ll be off to the grasslands of inner-mongolia but if anyone makes it, please let me know.


Saturday Sept 21

9 Years of Yugong Yishan
THe current reigning granddaddy of all live music venues in the city is turning 9. Not bad…. I give them my fair share of criticism but they are still THE place to beat… bar none. For their 9th, they brought out the big guns and they want you to have fin with them. How about this lineup: Carsick Cars, Nova Heart, WHAI, LongShenDao, Chasing Stars and every DJ in town. Did I mention advance tickets are 50RMB only?? WTF u waiting for?

Sunday Sept 22

Punks have Sunday @ Mao
yeah, it’s a freaking work day but what can one do… I’m recommending this one really because the Diders are on the bill and i have been hearing tons of good things about them. Rest of the lineup not too bad either: The Diders, The Flyx, D-Crash, Gum Bleed and Shaojiujuntuan.

weird to have quickslants without 2 KOlegas but there ain’t nothing i’ve seen that shows gigs right now. THey do have a vintage market coming up though. As usual, these are my recommendations! There are plenty of gigs happening all over tonight and you should give some new bands a chance.

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