Quickslants: New Hanggai, Painkiller Lucky 13, CW’s turns 15, Capoeira Halloween and more..

how do you like them releases? Had tons of fun the las few weeks with Pk14, Low Wormwood and Buyi’s new CD releases and i’ll hopefully have some reviews of the gigs and albums sooner than later. No promises though. This week, we’re going forward with all the new releases again, some of which are pretty darn big time.
It’s definitely crunch time for a lot of the livehouses before winter really hits and music-land goes into hibernation.
So, let’s see what we got cooking folks.

Thursday Oct 24th

CW’s sweet 15 @ Temple:
What can i say? The Randy Abel Stable, Residence A and 16mn on the same night at Temple for free… i don’t think any regular reader of the blog needs an explanation but for those that might, let’s just say it’s gonna be one hell of a show and booze will float. Come to think about it, these cats are this blogger’s favorite newest (kinda newest) kids on the block. its like a personal invitation daring me not to go!!

Friday Oct 25th

Hanggai new EP @ 2Kolegas
Man.. it feels like i haven’t really been there in a long time but oh well. been otherwise occupied! Hanggai is back with a new EP and they are excited about it.
I was around them when they were recording the materials, met the producer who was genuinely excited to be part of something special. So get yourself in gear, put on something warm and head over to the drive-in. very few people rock 2 Kolegas like Hanggai does. xiger xiger xiger xiger…

Stolen EP Launch @ XP
the chengdu rockers are in town for a quick party over at XP. I’ve heard tons of good things about them and really wish i could make it but i’m a homer and i will be at 2 Kolegas. Still, if you can’t make it to the drive in, this is a good alternative and a chance to watch a band that you don’t see that often.

Saturday Oct 26th

Voice of Wuhan @ Yugong Yishan
Wuhan bleeds rock.. that’s what they all tell me but i ain’t had the chance to see it yet for myself. This might be a good time to do that! 10 of the city’s bands got together for a compilation showcasing their talents and 4 of them made the treck to Beijing so that they can give you an introduction, up close and personal.

Illness Sickness @ Temple
if you didn’t catch their mini-tour of Beijing last week, this is your opportunity. They should be in good form, have had more than enough reheasals and gigs to get their limbs in shape.

Capoeira Halloween @ 4 Corners
My homies, my family, the cool folks from Capoeira Mandinga Beijing are putting together an early halloween party at 4 Corners with DJs, Prizes, Capoeira Performances and Samba classes. guaranteed fun and you might even learn a thing or two.

Sunday Oct 27th

Kreator @ Yugong Yishan
Painkiller Magazine turns lucky 13 and they are celebrating in style! Europe’s reigning kings of Metal, Kreator, are on hand to rock your asses off alongside Beijing’s own Bad Mamasan, Suffocated and Crack.. How is that for a sunday? the only thing that could have been better is if this gig happened on a friday the 13th… and we’ve had a few this year. I’ll see you all there!!

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