Shortslants: Friend or Foe, Punks Galore

So.. a weird one in town folks. It’s pretty much Punk weekend in Beijing with and without the punk festival, thus the shortslants. I’ve already posted about the 4 night extravaganza at School bar that kicked off yesterday so get to it. For those of you not into punk, there are still a few things going on in town but it’s slimpickens.


Just remember the 4 nights at school because i’m not gonna bother re-hashing things

Friday April 11th

Beijing Beatles @ Jianghu
I guess it is the first official show of the cover band with their new axeman. This person has some big aussie shoes to fill replacing someone we all cared about and enjoyed. I guess jianghu is as good as any other place to throw such a little extravaganza and get back into the groove.

Indies @ Yugong Yishan
Res A, Steely heart, Mr. Graceless, The Mold and Bye Bye Noise get together a small chillaxed event over at Zhangzizhonglu. It shouldn’t be too busy so a good opportunity to actually have a good time at Yugong Yishan.

Saturday April 12

Friend or Foe @ 2Kolegas
Love them or hate them, they put on one hell of a performance. and they’re coming back up to Beijing for one last gig together before the curse of the expat falls upon them and they go their separate ways. Support courtesy of The Diders, Residence A and Bedstars so one hell of a lineup for you all… see you there!
Here is a little video of their latest blitzkrieg single: Attila

Electro @ XP
The Big Wave, Steely Heart and Elenore grace XP for what could be a preview of years to come. The Big Wave is building a steady following and it won’t be long before they’re the new Residence A IMHO. Catch them now so you can bitch about seeing them before they made it big.

Sunday April 13th

Metal @ Mao
You should really be at School but if you come to Mao, you’ll get a nice dose of local metal courtesy of Nower, Black Lake, Renegade, Teifra, Nuclear Fusion G and more.

see you out kids.

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