Humpday Rolls… Cool MV from Wild Children, Djang San, Second Hand Rose and more

and the videos keep on coming, some more professional than others. Still, i’m just glad that so many underground bands are also embracing the medium and using it to share their sounds.


Let’s start things off with Wild Children in Shanghai. This is a band that takes pride in their craft and practices harder than anyone i know. They’ll easily do 20 to 30 rehearsals before 1 gig… and it shows! Cool little snippet from a band that inspired generations of musicians.

Wild Children 野孩子乐队 – 4 Seasons 四季歌
here is the link in case it doesn’t load: oh man… i love how tight they play and the progressions they go through. It’s such a beautiful mix of flavours.

And sticking with traditional stuff, here is a little hanggai video from their various tours last year. get to see the band just chilling, riding around and being themselves… they are a fun bunch.

Second Hand Rose is making a lot of noise these days and has released arguably one of the better albums of the year. They are scheduled to play the workers gymnasium later this week but you’ll get to hear more about that later. In the meantime, they’ve released a beautifully conceptual video for the song 《黏人》 ‘Clingy’, off their latest album, Stealing The Show.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to their latest release and it’s kickass folks. I’m digging this more relaxed version of the band.

Djan San and his new band have been playing around for a while now. And while i have not managed to see them lately, the mad Frenchman has been quite active on the scene. His video skills are getting slightly better and there is a new DIY video for their song “gobi” which i dig very very much. Unfortunately, the tudou/youku links ain’t working and I have to offer the youtube version until i sort it out

if his skills at the computer/editing get even remotely close to his musical ones, i got a feeling i’ll enjoy what he will put out.

Last but not least, veterans Tian Tang 天堂乐队 ( aka paradise) are starting to make some noise again after having gone MIA for a while. For their 20th anniversary, they released a beautiful video/balad Forever Young 永远年轻 reflecting about days gone past.

《永远年轻》MV——天堂乐队成立20周年纪念作品(2013)I love the fake beards… haha…

that’s it folks… i’ll be back with a few interviews later this week.

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